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Community Network

Community Network

Executive Summary

Community Network examines the problems of loneliness and social isolation that growing numbers of older people are now experiencing, and how telephone support and befriending groups can help to alleviate these feelings. For over than twenty years Community network has established the use of group telephone as a mean of delivering social care in the UK. Community network has adopted the concept of technology of telephone conferencing to provide telephone support and befriending groups for vulnerable and marginalised people. Over the past two decades Community Network has shown how telephone social and well-being groups can help to address, in a meaningful and sustainable way, the complex emotional needs of older people and other who have feel isolated from their communities. Far from being replaced by new technology, the telephone will plays a vital role in bridging the digital divide and continue to bring friendship, comfort and emotional support to vulnerable people throughout the UK. Community Network celebrates its 20th anniversary making it hard to believe as it began as a six month research project into the social application of technology in Northern Ireland and now such an essential service for so many voluntary groups and individuals throughout the UK. Community Network's project involves using telephone befriending groups to link up people from both sides of the sectarian divide, with the aim breaking down barriers and creating a more inclusive society. Over the years Community Network has undergo many changes, but this principle has always remain central to the charitable work they do.

Market Segments

Target Markets

It is imperative to focus marketing efforts both internally, within the Emory Healthcare network, and in the external healthcare market. The internal market environment includes other Emory Healthcare facilities from which additional referrals and admissions can be generated. The COMMUNITY NETWORK facilities range in complexity from inpatient hospital care, to skilled nursing care, to residential retirement communities. Marketing strategies must include educating other Emory providers to identify additional potential for capturing clientele in-network. Currently, the COMMUNITY NETWORK offers monthly educational classes for providers within all aspects of the Emory Healthcare System to learn about the spectrum of their services.

The external marketing environment encompasses the various medical and geriatric service providers in the Atlanta regional area. COMMUNITY NETWORK will receive referrals from competitors and partners in the health care community. The health care agencies listed below were identified by Matt Jernigan, Marketing Director at Community Network (M. Jernigan, personal communication, February 25, 2009).

Assisted Living Facilities

Nursing Homes

Home Health Agencies

Personal Care Homes

Community Hospitals

In addition to selecting community partners for educational awareness and marketing strategies, the Community Network will benefit from a strategic focus on human resource management and identification of potential employees. The following community partners provide an appropriate audience for marketing to consumers as well as potential employees:

Hospital Social Workers

Professional Associations (physicians, nurses, therapists, ancillary providers)

Geriatric Care Managers

Senior Service Agencies

Consumers (Caregivers)

Local Businesses (Benefit Managers for employees)

Local Churches

Local Businesses (Benefit Managers for employees)

Capabilities and Past Performance

In 2008, Wesley Woods Hospital was recognized as one of ...
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