Personal And Professional Development Planning

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Personal and Professional Development Planning

Personal and Professional Development Planning


Planning capabilities have been attributed to order actions, set goals and objectives, adopt the best strategies and resource savings. Planning is presented as antagonistic to the chaos and improvisation, and how is this done? Perhaps this phrase tries to answer "Planning is the calculation that proceeds and pre sides Specific experience in different areas of daily life and work, demonstrates the effectiveness of this calculation. It is obvious that we can achieve better results when propose in advance. For example, when making a journey, if we decide the place where we want arriving and previously we considered the alternatives to achieve this, choose those that offer us more viable and effective, not only will more likely reach our destination, but that we have achieved with less effort and resources.

As mentioned, planning is an ongoing process in general must be done before initiating any project or program, in the case of health services before completion each working year, which coincides with the calendar year, it is necessary to spend several days making plan the following year. Subsequently, the technical team of the Establishment of Health, institutions and community representatives through regular meetings monitor the implementation of plan, making adjustments as necessary.

U.K. health care system is represented by independent services at three main levels, a family medicine, hospital care and public health. Medical services in the U.K. are private individuals and legal entities. Various commercial, charitable and government organizations offer patients both outpatient and inpatient services. About 47% of all U.K. health care costs are the costs of hospital care, about 2% - home care, 10% - medication and 10% - for the maintenance of nursing homes. The remaining 11% cover services of dentists, ophthalmologists and other specialists.


British healthcare is considered as one of the most costly healthcare sector that provides healthcare services to the citizens of United Kingdom. The purpose of this paper is to enlighten the basic services provided by the healthcare system of United Kingdom. This paper explores and compares healthcare system of United Kingdom with other industrialized countries. This paper also discusses the cost of the healthcare services provided in United Kingdom and how they can be made affordable to the individuals of the society. Finally, this paper enlightens the evolution and reform of the private healthcare insurance and its effect on the cost and quality of the healthcare services in United Kingdom. (Walshe, 2003)

The centrality of the family in the process of human development raises the need to promote actions that help consolidate the processes of formation and realization that take place inside. Many families require special support to succeed and to fulfil its role as an educational, training in values ??and health care, among others. Family strengthening policies will then have a positive multiplier effect in each of its members, especially children, as well as youth.

Precisely because the family has to fulfil his role in training and people development, public policy in the context ...
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