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Personal Inventory


ENTJ is the ellipsis for Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking and Judgment. This is utilised in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and mentions to one of the 16 character types. The MBTI evaluation has been evolved by one of the most famous psychiatrists Carl G. Jung and was released in his publication Psychological Types.

 ENTJs have their natural tendencies to direct and marshal. This can effortlessly be conveyed with the finesse and charm. They need very little support to make plans. ENTJs are born managers and they reside in the world of diverse possibilities where they can deal distinct trials to be conquered. They do have an strong propel for authority that is well assisted by their promptness in grabbing complexities and their proficiency to take up bigger allowances of impersonal information. They can effortlessly take ascribe of any kind of situations. (Holmes 2001)


Extraverted 33%

Extraversion - Introversion characterises the source and main heading of power sign for a person. The extravert has a source and main heading of power sign mostly in the external world while the introvert has a source of power mostly in the interior world.

The assessing Thinking function is extraverted. That is, Thinking is utilised mainly to rule the outside world of activities and voiced words. The ENTJ will therefore: (Henry & Stevens 1999) 

organise life in on a ordered cornerstone, classifying, organising, and administering details and situations

be resolute, with the aim of being just and fair

spontaneously criticise

be snug with confrontation as a way of settling problems

take an impersonal approach, focusing more on schemes and organisational desires than each individuals' feelings


Intuitive 50%

INntuition characterises the procedure of data insight by a person. Sensing means that a individual accepts as factual mostly data he or she obtains exactly from the external world. Intuition means that a individual accepts as factual mostly ...
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