Personal Inventory Analysis

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Personal Inventory Analysis

Personal Inventory Analysis


In this assignment, the primary objective is to analyze myself to the information that I have gained. To fulfill this objective, it is imperative to perform the process of personal inventory. For this purpose, I would use different tools of performing the process of personality inventory. These tools include LCI, MBTI, and Chinese Five Element Theory. By utilizing these tools, the primary objective is to understand myself in context to my personality traits, learning styles, strengths, weaknesses and attempt to apply this understanding to an analysis of my leadership style and analyze my leadership ability. All the courses and curriculum in this program designed with the perspective of the learning community format the basic purpose of which is to learn together. In order to accomplish this purpose of learning together it is indispensable to develop a complete understanding of your own self. There are different perspectives in which one can understand oneself. For instance, understanding you in the perspective of the team and the perspective of an organization. This assignment devised to gain knowledge about oneself. With the attempt of this assignment, one would be able to get the complete insight of oneself.

Learning about Myself

This part of the paper describes me from variegated perspective. In this part of the paper, elaborations given to the given questions. These elaborations are as follows:

What did I learn about myself? What was surprising/not surprising?

The most knowledge that I have today about myself as a professional came to me through my summer internship program. I worked as an intern in an NGO. The most surprising element that I came to know about myself during this internship program is that I possess good skills to manage and arrange small events. The not so surprising element is my excellent communication skill. Before this internship, I knew that I have good communication skills and this internship program proved that so it did not surprise me much.

What did I learn about others in the process?

During this internship, I also learned a great deal about others. In order to perform almost all of the tasks I was supposed to coordinate with other. During this coordination process, I learned a lot about others. There were few people who were far better than me in terms of their personality and professionalism and there were few people who are less professional than me.

What are the implications for my leadership of the information I learned about myself?

As mentioned above through this internship, I learned that I have excellent communication skills. This information that I gained from this experience has important implications for leadership. When an individual takes the responsibility to lead others he needs to instruct the subordinates for this purpose a leader must have excellent communication skills.

What strategies might I need to employ to be more successful as a leader?

A leader is an individual who has the role of leading others. A leader can be considered as the captain of the ...
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