Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing

Philosophy of Nursing


Nursing is a process of caring for the healthy, sick, elderly, young, families or individuals, in any and all environments, helping them deal with their illness and resulting stress/distress. The purpose of nursing is not to treat any specific aspect of a person or his/her pathological condition(s) but to look after the individual as a whole (Royal College of Nursing, 2003). The basic and underlying goal and aim of nursing is to encourage and endorse health and healing, be it therapeutic or medicinal, and prevent disease, illness and disability. In this aspect it can be said that a nurse is not so different from any counselor, as making people understand and cope with their disease or disability and putting them at ease is one of the key facets of nursing as a profession. If death is imminent in a patient's case, a nurse's job would be to make him/her as comfortable as possible for the duration of the patient's life including providing physical, psychological and even spiritual help as needed.


Definition of Nursing

"The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others" (Homer, Odyssey). This expression by the famous poet Homer can be used describe the role of nurses perfectly. Each gesture of kindness by a nurse can be valuable to the patient even going as far as being his/her lifeline in such times of extreme hopelessness.

It is my own experience of being hospitalized when I was 8 and sick with severe pneumonia that motivated me to become a nurse. The kindness I witnessed by my nurse was unsurpassable, my need for comfort enormous and her compassion endless which was more precious to me than my own mother at that point of time. Therefore, I would define nursing as small acts of kindness which are not just precious but almost vital to the patient's recovery.

Moreover, nursing is a talent which uses understanding of the patient and your own clinical judgment to provide holistic, proficient and secure care to patient's both healthy and sick, forming a connection or bridge between two people, one who is in need and the other who delivers on that need.

Therefore, the core of nursing in my opinion is the commitment to care for the needful despite the evolution of scientific knowledge or theories. Another job that the nurses worldwide are entrusted with is providing and teaching the patients with positive reinforcement, the power to direct their own recuperation and further health maintenance which helps protect their dignity and privacy.

However, nursing and its definition is constantly evolving and adapting with time and further discoveries in medical science, to meet new requirements and taking into account further knowledge, with nursing itself being a dynamic profession (Royal College of Nursing, 2003).

Primary Goal of Nursing

The first and foremost goal of nursing for me is catering to the needs of your patient and building a dependable relationship with the patient. Such a relationship should not only comprise of verbal communication but also dynamic and self ...
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