Physical Security Clients Assessment

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Physical Security Clients Assessment

Physical Security Clients Assessment


Security has been a significant issue for organizations and employees. Administrations need to ensure that they carry out comprehensive risk assessment and security concerns and address the issues by implementing the required security systems. Physical security system is an integral part of an organization, which covers a number of aspects ranging from building security to information and technology. Destruction, theft, burglary, vandalism, sabotage, fires, falsification of documents, copies of patents, attacks on the computer system are some examples that cause costly damage to businesses and communities. As a result, businesses and communities are increasingly aware of the need to protect their physical assets. The establishment of an effective security policy can avert such risks. Solutions to identify, authorize, or control the activity of individuals within the company and thus, ensure the safety and protection of persons and property, are numerous today.


Importance of Building Security


Intercom (also called gatekeeper) is a phone that uses an internal network that is not connected to the telephone network. The intercom is often equipped with a button to open a door remotely. Some are equipped with video, installation needs. The intercom system can be integrated with the central security system that monitors and tracks unwanted movements or intrusions (Wayne, 2005). Furthermore, intercom systems can be found on the entrance or receptions where ground security is deployed. There are even computer models that support TCP / IP.


Video phones act as a modified intercom system, which allows the security personnel to view the video of the person who wish to enter the premises. In this way, the security staff can decide if to accept or reject unauthorized entries in buildings or rooms.

Video Surveillance

The monitoring consists of receiving and processing information remotely issued by a detection system and an alarm. This information is transmitted via the traditional telephone network, ADSL networks into IP connection or wireless networks GSM / GPRS.

X-ray Imaging

X-ray imaging is one of the modern methods of safety and security systems. It is mainly used by security administrators in airports. Control devices allow fluoroscopic imaging to prevent illicit objects from entering a strictly defined area (restricted area of airports). Operators ensure safety analysis of information from monitoring devices, including the interpretation of alarms generated by these devices and the interpretation of fluoroscopic images (Thomas, 2011). They can proceed, if necessary, to remove any doubt following the procedures and guidelines established.

Importance of Grounds security

The objective of a ground security system is to provide security to people, protect facilities, equipment and goods in general, and to facilitate and ensure the correct operation of protective devices. Ground security systems also incorporate the deployment of security personnel and staff, who ensure that the security and safety of premises at the entrance. Ground security staff is present inside and outside the building and monitors the activities of people around. They are also responsible for operating the security equipments such as metal detectors and reporting unusual activities to the central command system. On the other hand, ground security ...
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