Client Assessment Essay

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Client Assessment Essay

Client Assessment Essay

Case Note

Client background

The client is a patient called Harriet who has been attending counselling sessions for sometime in the past. She was seeing the counsellor in order for her to get back to life. She had developed negative feelings towards herself and those around her. She wanted to think positive. Part of the solution to any problem is the realization that there is a problem. This realization and acknowledgement of problem was very much present in Harriet (Amato, 2000).

Current client history relevant to presenting issues

There are three main issues that have been presented from the previous counselling sessions. She is suffering from chronic depression. She has a lot of work pressure. And she feels all the more lonely when her three beautiful daughters leave for school. The problems have become worse over time in that she is not recovering and her depression has become worse. She has really stressed out (Brownlee, 2003). The major source of stress is this relationship the client had with this person.

Client presenting issue

The client has recently come to this counselor because he felt that the other one, who had been very good otherwise, is no help now. She has stopped giving direction, which is one thing the client thinks she needs the most. She wants to shed all the negativity of her life and want to be able to enjoy it. She wants to talk about her problems because it makes her feel better.

Client goal (for session and/or for counselling)

The goal of the client is to have this session whereby he would be able to address some of the major issues. There is a lot going on in his life. There are many problems. But she would like to work on two of the most important ones. These are letting go of the person whom the client was in relation with and managing herself after her children go off to school (Linden, 2000). These are the two things that are haunting her life as of now.

Mutually agreed goal with counsellor (for session and/or for counselling)

The mutually agreed goal for the session is that Jeffrey A. Kottler who is having this session with Harriet will not be meddling with anything that is already going on in the counselling. It is because of this reason that he gains complete information on the problems that Harriet has been working on in her counselling sessions. In the counselling session she is focusing on the two major problems as stated in the previous sections of the report as well as her past. Her past has taken the shape of phantom pain.

Counsellor assessment of problem

The counsellor's assessment of the problem suggests that Harriet has developed depression and stress as a consequence of her break ups. This stress and depression together robbed her of her ability to meet with the regular ups and downs of her life.

Summary of session/other details

Failure of intimate relationships is a life stressor, and while some manage to ...
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