Pid Project Initiation

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PID Project Initiation

PID Project Initiation


The paper explores the concpet of implementing the web-based project management software in a holistic context. The research also analyzes many aspects of implementing the web-based project management software and tries to gauge its effect on “the company's employees.

At the start of any project, there will be a variety of ideas and opinions about the purpose and scope of the project, what the final product of the project will be, and how the project will be carried out. The Project Initiation Stage is concerned with taking these ideas and intentions and developing them into a formal, planned, resourced and funded project.

In order to define a project in this way, it is first necessary to clearly and explicitly define what the project is intended to achieve and what its scope of interest will be. By defining this first, a benchmark is created for assessing the quality of what is actually produced at the end of the project.

It is also necessary to develop a process by which the project objectives can be achieved. This process will typically involve carrying out a number of tasks and producing a number of products during the course of the project. The tasks produce the products. For clarity of purpose and for control reasons it is useful to arrange these tasks in a top down structure, which progressively specify the required work in more detail. (Albanese, 2003: 52-81)

This is called a work breakdown structure. LBMS provides a series of standard work breakdown structures for strategic planning and applications development. However, it is important to look for opportunities to customize this for the particular circumstances of the project and its objectives. The work breakdown structure will provide a benchmark by which the quality of the project process can be assessed.

The Project Initiation Stage must also define what resources and associated time commitment are required to carry out the project. The work breakdown structure provides a basis from which this estimation can be carried out. The resource and time commitment can be used to calculate an end date for the project and an estimate of its cost. This information is key input into the establishment of a business case for the intended project.

Users involved in Project Tasks

The personnel involved in managing the project will be Carole Morrell (Project Supervisor), Mark Duckworth Project Manager and Harry Darko who will be the Website Tester and Communications Coordinator. Because of their prior experience with exactly this kind of work, Carole Morrell is to be invited to be the Project Manager(Adderley, 2005: 141-145).

The Project Board will require regular (weekly) Highlight Reports during the Production stage of the project. In addition to the above, there will be a need for 2 specialist staff, one for graphics production and one programmer. These will be selected from the current development team.

2.1 Main Responsibilities

Carole Morrell

1. Authorise the start and continuation of the project from the corporate perspective

2. Set Project ...
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