Popular Music Vs Old Music

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Popular Music Vs Old Music

Popular music Vs Old music


Twentieth century music has undergone many developments in terms of styles, forms, and systems that were never part of the old music. This century saw many innovations in terms of the creation, performance and appreciation of music. Composers belonging to this era experienced many modern music forms and employed technology to enhance their quality of work such as popular music. Early proponents of this new age of music included some former members of progressive rock bands, who turned an open ear to the music of many cultures, especially Eastern ones. Some New Age musicians belong to the category of popular music are also trying to mingle ethnic music with elements of jazz, folk, and classical (Marchant, 2011). Development of new, imaginative and technical methods of composition, and transformation of themes were also part of this revolution which brought about radical changes in harmony and symphonic poems for orchestra. This paper focuses on the comparison between old music with the popular music.


From medieval times until the mid-20th century, composers working in the German speaking countries of central Europe created a rich and varied literature that has come to be regarded as the backbone of the Western art music tradition. In the context, of this study old music referred as music of the era of 40's till the 60's having the touch of traditional, classical music and popular music is a mixture of different genre of music attracting people with wide appeal. Rejection of traditional / old music and introduction of new sounds by musical equipments also took place during the century. Numerous composers got influenced by these phenomena and started rejecting the tonality and Classical-Romantic tradition completely.

Old Music Vs Popular music: A Comparative Study

Old music composers aspire to imbue their music from a ...
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