Proposal On how Young People Rebelling Against Popular Music, Of The Times, Changes Music

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Proposal On

How Young People Rebelling against Popular Music, of the times, changes Music


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1.1Background of the Study3

1.2Purpose of the Study3

1.3Significance of the Study4

1.4Aims and Objectives4

1.5Research Questions4

1.6Organization of the Study5


2.1Teenage Rebellion6

2.2Generation Gap6


3. 1Study Design8

3. 2Data Collection Method8

3. 3Assessment Tool9

3. 4Data Analysis Method9



Background of the Study

Since ancient times, it can be observed that young people have always rebelled against the orthodoxy in society at their time. Rebellion can come from people in all sizes and shapes (Reynolds & Press, 1995, pp. 2). Most probably, when children reach young age they start to feel sick of the conventional things in their society, and every rebellious thing excites them. Many young people want to do things that are disapproved by the mainstream society. Many youngsters consider music as a tool express their feelings, after social networking websites (McCammon, 2008, pp. 13). Hence, rebellious music has become the integral part of younger generation. Not going too far into the history, but such revolutionary music was introduced by Elvis Presley or the Beatles in late 20th century. The parents, on the other hand, may feel different about this revolutionary music. However, the paper strives to understand how young people rebelling against popular music, of the times, changes music.

Purpose of the Study

The major purpose of the study is to explore how young people rebelling against popular music, of the times, changes music. Additionally, the study will also explore several conditions for rebellion in music, the creation of generation gap in music, the reasons young people rebel against their parents' music. Therefore, the results of the study will help in finding ways to create a link between rebellion, young people, generation gap and music, which in turn, will help in addressing the reasons that cause this generation gap.

Significance of the Study

There are several factors that have a great impact upon development of rebellion in youngsters (Cantor & Monheit, 2004, pp. 39). The study is of great significance as it helps in understanding the reasons of generation gap among youngsters and their parents. Moreover, identifying this generation gap will help in developing strategies to mitigate the generation gap in order to eliminate growing rebellion in youngsters. Moreover, the study would also highlight concerns where further research is required in order to address the generation gap among youngsters and their parents.

Aims and Objectives

The main aim of this study project is to determine how young people rebelling against popular music, of the times, changes music. Therefore, the objectives of the study are as follows:

To explore the conditions for rebellion in music.

To review the reasons for creation of generation gaps in music, and understand why teenagers rebel against the old music.

To understand the current youth rebellion in music.

Research Questions

The aims and objectives of the study act as a guiding tool in the formulation of research questions in order to review the relevant literature for the research. Based on the aims and objectives of the study, the following ...
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