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Practical Book Review: 9 Things You Simply Must Do by Dr. Henry Cloud

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Practical Book Review: 9 Things You Simply Must Do by Dr. Henry Cloud


Psychologist Henry Cloud shows nine simple behavioral principles that all successful people have in common - and that anyone can learn. A practical guide for success in personal and social life. In his many years of practical life, Cloud has seen people working in the important areas of life, in relationships, work, career, meaning, the loss and pain, despair and addiction. He asked while still wondering why some people succeed in whatever they tackle, and others not.

In this book he shows what he has learned: there are certain universal behavioral characteristics similar to gravity, which always work in every situation. These principles have just learned and applied to a strong, effective and enjoyable way to live. Nine of hate good ideas to tighten the film that show the reader what the possibilities of each person to grow spiritually. Henry Cloud is a well-known Christian speaker, radio presenter and author of several bestsellers in the field of psychological advice books. He has worked as a psychologist in private practice in Southern California. Previously published by him include God will prepare a road. The 9 things that Cloud talk about in this book consists of the following.

Dig it Up: is the understanding of personal dreams and making them real. Cloud argued that to be successful one should think of a dream as a roadmap to reality.

Pull the tooth: on your ways to success, eliminate negative forces which might appear in the process. These forces may be external or internal, the test is not to be discouraged from these impeding factors and adopt positivity.

Play the Movie: the point highlights the importance of making decisions and acting upon them. Critical thinking is pivotal for every action with consideration of long term consequences.

Do something: this chapter indicates the importance of finding the driving force, the central point of control and making it work in your favor.

Act like an Ant: the point raised by Cloud is the concept of establishing small achievable targets and moving on step by step towards goal.

Hate Well: the concept of subject and objective hate is established by the author, with wisdom of transforming subjective hate to objective hate and proving to beneficial in the achievement of desired objectives.

Don't Play Fair: this point highlights the importance of being an opportunist in achieving your goals.

Be Humble: successful people may not always be right but they are polite with people around them. An important factor to be successful is establishing healthy relations with people around you, while minimizing your enemies.

Upset the Right People: On your way to success you should be able to choose the right thing which has to be done rather than sympathizing on people's emotions form your appropriate actions.


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