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Project Management

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Project Management


Project Management at beginning of the project stage is important in order to make it either successful and protects it from turning into a failure. A success or failure of the project depends upon the methods, processes and measures taken by the management till a project is completed. The project management is a business activity that plans, prepares and monitor that all the activities are done properly so that failures or losses can be avoided. There are a large number of factors due to which either a project becomes successful or it fails. A successful project is one that completes according to the expectations laid down in the project plan, is able to achieve the objectives and goals of the project whereas a project is termed as a failure because it is unable to perform according to the plan and the cost or expenses increases above the expectations attached with a project. (

The research proposal will try to find the reasons for the success and failure of the Opera House in Sydney. It will analyse the project management of the Opera House and will try to find that was project completed successfully or was a failure. The research will try to find out the reasons that played an important role in the success and failure of the project.


Everyday all around the world there are many kinds of projects that are planned, among them some are completed successfully and some are unable to complete either the projects are finished, stopped for the time being and some are completely finished. The are many buildings, harbours or stadiums that are being constructed from time to time like stadiums for winter Olympics or summer Olympics, different types of Halls, buildings and etc. Among them is Opera House that was constructed many years ago in Sydney. Opera House is recognized as a symbol of Australia all over the world. It is a building that has a lot of respect and recognition in major countries of the world. In order to design the building a competition was conducted by the New South Wales government. The architecture design of a Danish architecture John Utzon was approved among many designs of the different architecture. According to Shenhar and Dvir (2007) Opera House today has become one of the greatest visited places by the tourists. Every year a large number of tourists visit this place and are attracted by the design of the building. The project was initially led by the government of the New South Wales. The construction of the building was initiated in 1957 but the official construction started off in 1959. A plan was initiated regarding the time and the cost that will be spent on the construction of this building. According to the plan of the project it was estimated that the building will be completed in four years and the amount that will be spent on the construction of the Opera House will be an AUS $7 ...
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