Psycho-Analysis By Freud

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Psycho-Analysis by Freud

Recommendations Based on Psycho-analysis by Freud

Recommendations Based on Psycho-analysis by Freud


Freudian psychoanalysis describes a particular form of treatment in which the diagnostic patient is influenced by his thoughts or dreams including fantasies and expresses free associations with others etc. because of which the psychoanalyst diagnose symptoms of personality problems to the affected patient. In addition, to analyze the symptoms for the patient to create insight for solving out the problems of personality, the analyst works on the phenomena that is occurring. Particulars of the analyst's involvement usually comprise of needs and also helpful for the patient's guilt and pathological defenses. In the course of the analysis that is solving the problems including resistance to change of behavior and thoughts of the affected individual and those concerning conversion from psycho patient to the normal individual, a person has to go through the process in which the theories of Freud help the psychoanalyst to come over the problem and treat the affected patient from the studies done by the Freud.

Freud worked on various theories in which the procedures are stated that how an individual can be mentally upset. In his theories he mentioned that a person can come under the influence of unsettled mind due to various reasons. These reasons include dreams, thoughts, surroundings and sometimes the relationships with others. Beside it, the distorted actions can make clear that what level of consciousness a person is in and how the affected person is unconsciously his own enemy. So, Freud worked on the symptoms of psychotic patients and derived the points that are important to go through the process of treatment. (Eysenck, 1973)

Freudian psychology is mainly concerned to the research of psychological human behavior and functioning, however, it is also useful for societies. Freud psycho-analysis comprises of following key points which includes;

Method of investigation of the mind and the way one thinks

Systematized set of theories about human behavior

Method of treatment of psychological or emotional illness


Method of Investigation of the Mind and the Way One Thinks

Freud focused on events which include dreams, thoughts, jokes and symptoms which developed into central processes in Freudian theory. He set up a link between general psychology and psychopathology which supports Freud's repression by the ego and super ego and trust in universality of libidinal drives. The examination of these instances of suppression also served Freud as a means of insensible mind. By relating dreams, psycho ...
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