Public Health Issues In Caring For The Aging And Elder

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Public Health Issues in Caring For the Aging and Elder


This study provides the detailed information about the issues related with the health care system of aging and elderly people. This study provides various issues, measures and challenges with the help of researches conducted in this field. There are also various strategies discussed to overcome these challenges. This study also provides recommendations to deal with these problems.

Public Health Issues in Caring For the Aging and Elder


All over the world, growing concern for the public health and safety is getting attention. All these issues require proper attention for the health care of these aging and elderly people, because due to these problems, these old people are suffering more with the ill physical, emotional and health condition. This is the major economic burden for the State to provide the quality health care and accommodation to this increasing population.With the increase in awareness of public health conditions and work of different organizations, the health care facilities have been divided in different areas. One of these is aging population which is the major part of society. To provide better quality of health care services for these elderly people is the major challenge for the health care providers and Government. There are different issues related with the public health care system for these elderly people. One of these challenges and barriers is the economic problem to mange proper system for aging population as it is not possible to provide proper facilities. This is the major concern for the health care providers. According to report by Center for Disease Control CDC (2009), the increase in the population of US will be more than 71 million by 2030, which is a big threat for the public health care system. There will be requirement for the more funding for the medication, treatment for the chronic diseases, better quality of life and to avoid more disabilities of the growing age (CDC, 2009, p.2).


Literature Review

The intervention for any health care program and public facilities requires reducing the racial and ethnical disparities in the general population, communities and patient care systems (Cooper,, 2002, p. 477-486). The interventions for the older people are also provided that the major concern is the diseases that most of aging population suffer like depression, diabetes, and cardiac problems. These are the more common problems and this requires proper intervention to manage these issues with “quality improvement and disparities reduction” which requires “evidence-based interventions to reduce disparities in this group” (Schlotthauer, 2008, p. 568-573). It is the most important concern for the health care providers that every individual must receive equal quality of the health care facilities. There are different other basis of disparities like on the basis of major disease, social background, economic status and various other reasons. This is the reason that most of the people in these care houses suffer for inappropriate treatment. The interventions need to target the attitude, knowledge, skills, behavior, management, staff, medication, and other facilities (Cooper, ...
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