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Public Health Issues in Oldham

Public Health Issues in Oldham


Issues of public health have become a serious concern in Oldham. The main objective of this paper is to discuss the serious public health issues faced by the residents of Oldham. There are many different factors behind the public health issues prevalent in Oldham. Some of the major factors which account for these public health problems are poverty, smoking and alcohol. Nursing care is vital to providing healthcare to patients. In this paper, the different methods and procedures which could be adopted by the nurses in order to provide better healthcare against the public health issues prevalent in Oldham.


Major Public Health Problems Experienced by the People of Oldham

According to a study conducted by NHS (2009), Oldham has witnessed an increase in the town's mortality rate over the past years. The infant mortality rate continues to rise; and could be attributed to a lack of adequate healthcare and maternal care in Oldham (Rochdale & Barry, 2009). In this paper, the major health issues that need to be resolved in Oldham would be discussed. Remedial measures would be suggested to improve the health conditions in the town i.e. better nursing practices, present health statistics, role of health education etc.

If the present situation in Oldham is analyzed, the town is poverty stricken and the health conditions are quite worse compared to other parts of England. The overall public health conditions and healthcare facilities are not encouraging at all. According to the Health Protection Agency, the male life expectancy in the region is 75 compared to Great Britain's which is 78. While, for females the life expectancy is also low i.e. 79 years compared to the cumulative average of England which is 82 years. The level of healthcare services provided in Oldham is not encouraging at all (Health Protection Agency, 2012). A reduction has been noticed in deaths due to cancer, heart diseases and strokes in England, but the rates in Oldham continue to rise (Dorman, & Wilkins, 2010). The other prevalence cancerous illnesses include Larynx, oral in men (19%) and breast cancer in women (26%) (Fizpatrick et. al, 2010).

Similarly, an analysis of the present situation indicates that the Oldham community has the highest rate of public health diseases and expirations in England. The underlying factors responsible for public health issues in Oldham would be thoroughly discussed. A close analysis reveals that the main issue continues to be poverty in Oldham. People in Oldham are unable to consume healthy diets due to their deprivation. Another major reason behind the public health problems in Oldham is a higher percentage of smoking. People suffer from cancer, cardiac diseases and strokes due to excessive smoking. Cigarette is one of the major causes of early deaths of people in the Oldham community.

The population of Oldham also has the highest rate of alcohol consumption in the England. The high rate of alcohol intake is also a major cause of deteriorating public health in Oldham (Dorman ...
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