Quality Management

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Quality Management


The company that has been selected for this topic is Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited which is even referred as Petrotrin. It is a large national company that is has employees around 5,240. The company drills for undefined crude oil from beneath the earth's surface both on land, and, offshore. The oil is transported via pipelines to the refinery where it is refined in various products. These products are sold nationally and exported to international destinations. The refinery has a capacity to refine 40,000 barrels of crude daily. The problem that needs to be addressed in this paper is refining quality management. In this connection, this paper will cover the issues of quality management and will also highlight the importance of total quality management in Petrotrin.

Basic concepts

Quality has been defined strongly for understanding and comprehending all avenues and areas of organizational development, creating substitutes and alternatives that would escalate organizational progression and at the same time make an effective team that shall be the unexpected levels and benchmarks set by renowned organizations around the world. Quality, in terms of definition, has been defined as the non-inferiority or superiority of an object, good, unit or commodity, that may create, a benchmark or standard for the remaining or existing products available in the market (good) or for intangible commodities that are being delivered (service). In the quality domain, various improvement efforts have failed to improve health care outcomes, and sometimes even done more harm than good. In addition to the above traits of quality, it is also being defined as the degree of the good or service with which the product or service can meet and 'satisfy' the customer expectations (Berk, pp. 24-46). An understanding of this area will help to improve Pertotrin's logistics setup by helping to ensure that Petrorin is able to acquire an understanding of the essential needs of quality management with regard to logistics.

Importance of Quality Management in Petrotrin

The importance of Quality Management is quite high for any organization. There are lots of challenges for the Program Manager to implement the Quality Management system in the organization. First of all, it is vital to define the concept of Quality. Quality is defined as the best possible measure of a product in terms of its performance and reliability. The overall efforts by the employees are needed to achieve the requirements of quality. It is the main task for the Quality Assurance Department. Their role is to ensure that customer requirements have been identified and fulfilled in a satisfactory manner. There are different customer needs according to the time which requires a periodic review of the quality requirements. Since the start of each business, it is necessary for all customers to be aware with quality issues. Any customer who buys a product has certain expectations determined by several factors in terms of intended use, form and performance which might affect each of them. If the product would meet the expectations of the customer, he or she will be ...
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