Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper

My Own Worldview

I have never really thought of my worldview before. However, after careful observation and thought the events that most have impacted my worldview come from culture, religious background, personal experiences and most specifically, the recent change in the world's economy. These categories have affected my view on pursuit of higher education and learning in the course of study of Liberal Arts in college.

My Filipino Culture

First of all, I grew up in the Philippines. Filipinos, which was what the natives were called, are well known for the close family ties. Many Filipinos live near their family for most of their lives, even as independent adults.. The TAGALOG language has very strong affinity with Malay language (Bahasa Indonesia/Malay). However, due to more than years of Spanish influence over the Philippines, the language has evolved significantly of Spanish words and expressions. The language also includes words and phrases rooted in English and Chinese. Fiesta is a part and bundle of the Filipino culture.

Religious background

Catholicism was the most practiced religion in the Philippines. Religion holds a central place in the life of a majority of Filipinos. We attended church services such as Masses, novenas, baptisms, weddings, and funerals. ( Isaiah 58:6 ).

Religion now viewpoints

I never understood the sacredness of the ceremonies nor did I develop a respect for them. Growing up, I enjoyed many of the ceremonies as an opportunity to see and visit family and renew friendships and relationships with others. My life events and experiences have affected my religious beliefs in many ways. It affected such things as my well being, personal happiness, life satisfaction, and physical and emotional health. My religious beliefs were only inflected in modest changes such as in my activity involvement and commitment in my religion. Nowadays, I find ...
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