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Research Project Proposal

Research Project Proposal

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Proposed Title: Domestic Violence: A Study of differences in Irish and Nigerian Patterns


It is a common observation that, in different countries, women is the main victim of domestic violence and men, in general, are involved in abusing women in the society, both domestically and outside the homes. In the scenario of domestic violence, there is a special argument related to Ireland. Women in the country are allowed to hurt men according to the law; however, in practice and according to various researches the case was entirely different. Same is the case with African countries, that women are abused on a broader scale as compared to men; though the patterns of abuses and domestic violence vary according to the country (Marcelino, 2009).

This paper aims to identify these differences. According to a research conducted by the Northern Office Ireland in 2007, 13 per cent of the victims were abused domestically, and out of these abused people the percentage of females was relatively higher than males.

As reported by the research: “Female victims were more than three times as likely as male victims to classify their worst incident as a crime, 54% and 17% respectively” (Northern Ireland Office, 2007). Apart from this, ratio of domestic violence in African countries is much higher than the percentages of all regions of Ireland combined. In Zambia, 33% of women in the age group of 20-24 years are 35 percent, in Kenya this percentage is 43 percent, and, in Ethiopia, this percentage reaches 59 percent (Population Council, 2008). According to a report of Amnesty international, approximately one third, in exceptional cases, two third of women face some form of psychological, sexual or physical violence from their intimate partners, and in cases where girls are forced for early marriages, fathers are the ones who carryout acts of violence (Amnesty UNICEF, 2005).

Purpose Statement

The objective of this study is to identify the differences among the patterns of domestic violence based on gender in Ireland and Nigeria. This study will be beneficial for governmental agencies and policy makers in order to modify the existing policies and systems related to domestic violence.

General Research Question

The general research questions for this study include:

What are the major differences in the patterns of domestic violence done in Nigeria and Ireland?

What kind of behavioural consequences occur in people who face domestic violence?

Research Approach

The research approach will ...
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