Runnig Head: Evolution Of Warfare evolution Of Nature And Technology Of Warfare From Earliest Times To 1500 Ce

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Evolution of Nature and Technology of Warfare from Earliest Times to 1500 CE

Evolution of Nature and Technology of Warfare from Earliest Times to 1500 CE


It is evident from the history that technology has been playing a vital role for military innovation. Technology impacts the warfare the most, as compared to any other factor. This paper briefly outlines that how the warfare has been impacted by the technology from the period of prehistory, to 1500 CE.


Since history has begun, millions of people have died due to the wars. At the same time, it is also an accepted fact that much of sociological and technological development takes place as a result of war. The warfare has been changing its shapes with the advancements of technology and skills. Technology has changed the nature of all the essential elements used by all armies at the warfront. These three essential elements of the warfare include infantry, shock and fire support (Pointon, 2003). Infantry is the name given to the ground troops, which have always been considered for doing bulk of the fighting. Shock mechanisms, the second most common element of the warfare have been evolved from the chariots to cavalry by the 1500 CE. Finally, the use of third element, the fire support has also been significantly improved and has become more accurate, reliable and long ranged. Next, the paper describes the three eras and evolution of warfare during the periods of prehistory to 155 CE.

The age of chariots can be considered as the first age of warfare. During this era, the people developed large kingdoms and the major motivations behind wars were to gain land, resources and slaves. Ancient Egypt and Ancient Middle East are the major examples of this period. Also, the armies started to develop in this period; Chariot ...
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