Should Homosexuals Be Able To Marry?

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Should Homosexuals be Able to Marry?

Should Homosexuals be Able to Marry?


In the past few decades, sexuality has become a topic, increasingly discussed and debated among social theorists. Indeed, sex and desire have become the focus of intense social-theoretical, philosophical and feminist fascination, and it is against this backcloth that social theorists have sought to rethink the constitution and reproduction of sexualities, bodies, pleasures, desires, impulses, sensations and affects. How to think sexuality beyond the constraints of culture is a question that is increasingly crucial to the possibilities of political radicalism today. Cultures vary with regard to appropriate premarital behavior, whom one marries, how one marries, a perfect marriage ceremony, and length and purpose of marriage. Each culture also defines marriage differently although there are some common criteria across many societies.

The cultural prompting for this turn towards sexuality in social theory is not too difficult to discern. In the aftermath of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, and particularly because of the rise of feminism, sexuality has come to be treated as infusing broad-ranging changes taking place in personal and social life. The politics of identity, sexual diversity, postmodern feminism or post-feminism, gay and lesbian identities, the crisis of personal relationships and family life, AIDS, sexual ethics and responsibilities of care, respect and love: these are core aspects of our contemporary sexual dilemmas.

Thesis Statement

The inclination of the homosexual marriage is often a substantial threat to society. According to diverse studies, homosexual marriages deteriorate the moral and ethical grounds of human existence. In addition, the homosexual marriages give rise to several diseases. However, some studies argue that according to the human rights every person has an equal right to choose his companion. In case of mutual consent, the homosexuals have an equal right to marry as heterosexuals.


In history, marriage has been the organization were a man and woman join simultaneously in the promise of love. Marriage is the institution whereby men and women join an exceptional kind of social and lawful dependence for the purpose of origin and sustaining a family. Now days the traditional outlook of marriage, change by gay and lesbian couples requiring the identical right to love, honor, and cherish their partners as heterosexual couples have (Hogan, 2001, 89). This argumentative essay on homosexual marriage, and discusses the ability of homosexual couples to marry.

Homosexual Vs Heterosexual Marriage

There are several arguments that oppose homosexual marriage. According to diverse studies, people often do not consider homosexual marriages as the marriage itself; because, according to them, marriage is a pure and strong bond, abused by the homosexuals (Hogan, 2001, 92). There are two crucial conflicts between definitions of marriage within the discussions about homosexual marriage that frame the debate in significant ways, and these two conflicts, closely related; but, analytically distinct. The first conflict is between religious and civil definitions of marriage, and the second conflict is between heterosexual and companionate definitions (Hogan, 2001, 93).

Nevertheless, the conflict between heterosexual and companionate definitions is a conflict about what marriage is in practice, and it ...
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