Social Media And Society

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Social Media And Society

Social Media And Society


Youth, which run right now proceed, photo technically quite different. Reason: The digital camera and Social Networks. The machines are small Knips's constant companion. Absolutely everything is documented and published. Lots of pictures from private life can be found on Facebook & Co. And while the alleged consequences for job applications were discussed extensively, remains an issue in my opinion so far undiscussed: The direct impact on the behavior of the person portrayed(Kaplan, 2010, 59-68).

Without doubt, I have not the slightest evidence. More than that, I have not even taken the trouble to investigate for a second. But this here is a blog, social media is supposed to be a party conversation, and so it must be allowed me to throw together simple thoughts thought in the room and let's see how you will react.

The digital camera in conjunction with social media change the complete look at our daily lives. Suddenly, the reward for a sailing weekend not only sailing, but also the recognition of the Friends of the photos - they click "I like" or comment. Of course: Even before there was such rewards. In "How was your weekend?" Conversation, Mondays at work. But today there is this conversation 24 / 7. On Faceboo! (Kietzmann, 2011, 241-251) In addition, the continuous shooting leads to continuous assessment as to whether what I see now on Facebook content is good. Good to see this is in addition to the photographs even when status messages. It would be a mistake to believe that we are dealing here with random snippets from the life of friends. It's about consciously selected publications, press releases in short form. The fundamental question that arises from this is: What impact has social media on this basis for our society.

First we are approaching a comprehensive PRrisierung our society. The action moves into the background, In speaking to the fore. We are always more things just to be able to then talk about it. Second Contrary to popular social media thesis thus provides less and less authenticity. If this is defined as the point at which thinking, feeling and acting the same conclusion, then at least is feeling down the back. Because the content for my Facebook is not based on what, what I feel, but on what my readers want to read or should. Third Without doubt approaching the way people and businesses communicate at each other - but perhaps different from what people commonly think. Companies are not human communicative, but people more entrepreneurial. People engage in professional communication. Advertising and PR communications are not part of the discontinued model, but the prevailing way of communicating(Harris, 2008, 18).

Admittedly, these conclusions are largely and perhaps convoluted and exaggerated. But these thoughts I carry around with me for some time and am excited about what you say to that. So when we talk about social media, we mean those and only those who meet the three fundamental ...
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