Social Work Values

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Social Work Values

Social Work Values


Social work as a profession promotes social change, and the solution of problems in interpersonal relationships, and enabling people to make better decisions in their lives freely. Based on analytical findings about human activities and social structures, social work takes a place where people cooperate with their environment interact. Foundations of social work are the principles of human rights and social justice. Professional social worker in its various forms addresses the multiple and complex relationships between humans and their environment. Their mission is to empower people, to develop their full potential, enrich their lives and prevent dysfunction. Social work can also serve as clinical social work are understood. Clinical social work is a health-related professional social work ("clinical" means "treating"). Their general goal the inclusion of social work issues in the counseling, treatment and support of excluded (isolated) is vulnerable, sick and disabled people. Focus is the person-in-their-world (person-in-environment) within a biopsychosoziokulturellen understanding of health, and social disorder problems.

Professional Social Work operates mainly out on problem-solving and change. Therefore, social workers, lawyers are for change, which submit to the / detail of an offer. Professional social work is a network of values, theories and practice (Halmos, 2001, Pp: 122-130). 


Professional Social Work identifies the boundaries, inequality and injustice that exist in society. It responds to crises and threats, as well as to everyday personal and social problems occurring. Professional Social Work offers a variety of methods and techniques as well as opportunities for action that focus on both the individual as on the environment. 

The intervention of professional social work ranges from purely personal psychosocial processes to involvement in social legislation, planning and development (Halmos, 2001, Pp: 122-130). This does involve counseling, clinical social work; group work, social work, family counseling and therapy. Furthermore, people should be supported to take social services. Also, administrative activities, such as social actions mean interference with social legislation and economic development closely linked together. The operation of professional, social work based on a systemic knowledge derived from research and practice. It understood the complexity of the relationships between people and their surroundings, such as the ability of inhabitants to be pretentious, and to change the way the various influences on them. The professional, social work uses the science of human development, behavior, and sociology to investigate complicated states and to help individual, organizational, communal and societal changes (The Altruistic Imagination, 1985, Pp: 10-45).


Since social work as a profession concerned with social change and the improvement of the conditions in which people live, its orientation cannot be value-free or purely theoretical. A defining characteristic of social work practice is a fundamental commitment to knowledge, skills, and a core set of professional values to enhance the wellbeing of people and ameliorate environmental conditions that affect people adversely (The Altruistic Imagination, 1985, Pp: 10-45). Among the key values and principles that guide professional practice are respect for individual worth, dignity, the right to self-determination, and active participation in the helping process; helping clients obtain needed resources; demonstrating respect for and acceptance of the characteristics of diverse populations; a commitment ...
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