The Social Work Profession

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The Social Work Profession


The main objective of the paper is to highlight the role of social worker and its importance in society. The concept and profession of social work has its deep understanding with it. Social work also contributes its great history of taking the shape as a profession.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Social Work2

Generalist social work2

Advanced generalist social work2

Goals of the Social Work Profession2

Values and Ethics of Social Work3

History of the Social Work Profession4

Main Professional Organizations in Social Work4

Levels of Training or Education4

Employment of Social Worker5

The Social Work Profession

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Introduction to Social Work

Social work is an academic and professional discipline that searches to enhance the wellbeing of an individual or group, quality of life and community by intervening through policy, direct practice research. It provides aid to those people who struck with social injustices, poverty, and violations of their human rights. Most of the research usually centers on areas like international and community development, program evaluation, psychotherapy, public administration, social policy and human development. In the simple words, social work is the organized employment towards the betterment of social conditions in the community and trying to raise the conditions of poor or to provide welfare to their children etc.

Generalist social work

Generalist social work regards the practice of problem solving process, which includes evaluation, interventions and assessments. The process of problem solving is instituted on a liberal arts foundation that is incorporated into the social work professional. A generalist social worker has the power to mediate in all sizes of client systems by the practice situation. They can function as a coordinator in various ways that range from provision of technical assistance, identification and advocacy of coordination opportunities, and direct participation in the implementations and development of service linkages (Yessian and Broskowski, 1983).

Advanced generalist social work

Advanced generalist social work is the commander of the generalist foundation to augment the depth and size of the practice. It integrates greater methodological and theoretical superiority for differential submission of advanced social work values and ethics, skills, theories and knowledge in the evaluation of intervention with groups, families, couples, organizations, individuals and communities. Advanced generalist social work underlines the distinctive features of social work services in the rural and small community context. It also enhances the profession of social work through the integration and application of evaluation and research at all levels.

Goals of the Social Work Profession

Social work has many goals on which the social workers put efforts for increasing the betterment of society. The core mission of the profession is to improve human well-being and to meet the central requirements of needy people, who are oppressed and vulnerable. The fundamental responsibility of the social work is to pay attention to the environmental forces that contribute and create the problems. There are certain goals which are described as:

To educate the students in becoming competent and effective professionals.

To provide leadership for the evolution of systems of delivering service.

To prepare workers in promoting the well-being of the society and keeping those activities that becomes the reasons of ...
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