Socializing Health Care In America

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Socializing Health Care in America


This paper explains a little bit about the Social Health Care and what it means. It then deals with the Social Health Care in America and how American people are reacting to it, It shows the two sides of the coin, the debate between the belief of the people who are with or against it respectively.

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Socialized Health Care means health care be provided to every legal citizen or national of a country, without bearing the cost of the treatment, fees, medicines or drugs involved. It gives the right to the government to take over all the Health and Medicine related departments and run them as they deem fit. Not all the countries of the world abide by this policy. However, United States of America is one of those countries who have decided to have Socialized Health Care Planning.


U.K. is the oldest example of the country which is working on the principles of socialized health care. It has now expanded to other countries and USA is also offering Socialized health care that is to say medicine and treatment for all. Instead such an action also has adverse reactions attached to it. The idea of free medications whenever needed and to whomever needed, appeals to the human emotional nature a lot but there are ground realities to consider. For every single person insured or covered under this program, America has to bear the cost for him. According to a post;

“In 2002, America spent $1.6 trillion on health care” (Wilson L. 2005)

Keeping even this ancient figure in perspective opens a person's eyes to the realities of such an Idealistic dream. This cost will need to be covered from somewhere. Since the Government shall be paying for the insurance cost, it will only increase taxes and raise inflation to match the amount it needs. In other words, in a roundabout fashion, the people end up paying for their insurances again. Still one might argue that it helps people who are unable to bear all the cost themselves.

It is mostly what people are willing to do and where they draw their limits. Some people are angry with the US policy of providing Social Health Care to everyone, because according to them, it will eventually result in the government deciding the fate of the lives of people, as opposed to the people themselves under the pretenses of rationing and ...
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