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Personal socializing process

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Personal socializing process

Socialization is an extraordinary word, which describes a process which can either affect the reflexive agent or not. It is not a process; it is basically a human need. A person cannot survive alone; they need to talk to people in order to lead a normal life. (Norton, 2006) People who tend to get isolated from the world are usually regarded as not normal, if they are adapting negative consequences. Similarly people tend to cut them self off the world and dedicate themselves to spirituality, which too is not normal. Socialization leads to the social, cultural and spiritual continuity of healthy life.

I had never been social before joining my college life. Being a much pampered child, I tend to believe that my mother was my best friend. During my school life, I had very few friends. Stereotyping the case, my friends were like me, Shy, introvert and most regarded as nerds. Here the primary socialization phase was at its verge. My mother use to teach me good etiquette and ethics, but not the basic textures of socializing. I started believing that individuality is more important being in group.

My college life gave me a broad array of socializing practices. Most importantly, it gave me the aspect of gender socializing, where I learned most of the attitude and behavior of being my gender (Barstow, 2008). I had basic characteristic and knowledge, but my college life groomed my gender socializing aspects supplementary. After joining college, I started exploring life. I actually saw what life is outside and how do people co-ordinate. I learned that a normal life means to speak out your desires and express. I learned that output were more positive with team work and socialization. During the first year of my college, I was ...
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