Strategic Information Systems

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Strategic Information Systems

Strategic Information Systems


Many theories consider the importance of implementing enterprise systems, and other technologies in firms to support all the supply chain processes, but also to be fair they stated the good and the bad of such systems. Many studies and researches accentuate that the information systems is a must in order to coordinate the activities and help the communication inside the firm. The Enterprise systems are not under researched, but under estimated. Many firms knew about ERP systems, but did not know the capability and the strength of such systems. As stated by the author known as Sumner in 2005, that the Enterprise Resource Planning system is used to improve the performance of organizations' resource planning, management and operational control (Nowduri, 2011).

Enterprise Resource Management is a very effective technique and most widely used today to manage the business all over the world. It does not provides helps in managing resources but it is also very helpful in managing and controlling risk factors, change in organization, maintenance and other core areas of any organization. The ERP is working extensively in all kinds of modern business. All functional departments that are involved in the operation or production are integrated into one system. In addition to the manufacture or production, storage, logistics and information technology, also include the accounting, and typically include a system of Human Resource Management, and tools of marketing and strategic management. The distinguishing features of any other ERP enterprise software, is that systems must be integrated with modular and adaptable.

Scope of the Paper

ERP provides access to dependable, unquestionable and timely sources, the proficiency to share data between all constituents of the organization. It is also used to eliminate pointless procedures and data, it also reduces time and charges of litigation. The basic reason of ERP is to supply support to enterprise clients, much quicker answer times to difficulties and an effective administration data endowing timely conclusion producing and decreased total functioning costs.

The paper aims to discuss the importance and essentials of enterprise resource planning with respect to the Information System in the organizations. The study will determine the role and implementation of information related strategies in large organizations while comparing the information system planning frameworks and their importance. Further, the study would extend to highlight the importance of IS planning tools and assess their role in the planning phase.


Enterprise Resource Planning software's can be used for a wide range of purposes in a business which involves the planning of the product, purchasing of the parts, management of inventories, interaction with the suppliers, tracking of the orders, along with providing service to customers. Along with that Enterprise Resource Planning software's could also be used in various applications modules of human resources management and management of financial aspects of a business (Morris, 2008).

An Enterprise Resource Planning is usually integrated with a relational database system of an organization. An organization while the deployment of an Enterprise Resource Planning system has to consider a wide range ...
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