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Bricolage versus breakthrough

Bricolage versus breakthrough


Technology entrepreneurship can be defined as a body that is divided across various kinds of actors. Every actor in this body is related to technology and growing processes that create positive inputs which produce innovative technological paths. The steady growth of inputs towards the technological breakthrough creates a momentum which allows various activities to the actors of technology.


Technology entrepreneurship can be considered as a large working that is created through the efforts of many people. The necessary strategies and resources that are required to convert an idea from the origin to be implemented in real time are done through workers in multiple aspects of the technology entrepreneurship. The idea of technology entrepreneurship acts upon an organized aspect for the working of actors. This is what differs technology entrepreneurship with the traditional one. Furthermore, the understanding can be considered as an approval that technology entrepreneurship is a speculation and an effort towards a more innovative future. Technology entrepreneurship also includes the creation of new techniques that can be used by the reconstruction and transformation of the original innovations. These can be considered as different types of process that make u technology entrepreneurship. These can be used in a wide range of directions based on the dynamics and situations. This may lead to a process that can be considered better over others. This is what happened in the innovative technology of wind turbines throughout the world. The most influential of which can be considered the Denmark and US wind turbine technologies. Using several intellectual and financial strategies United States created an innovative influence in the wind turbine technology. US also used a modest approach towards the use of resources to build a workable wind turbine. The foundation of workers involved with the innovative technology is not steady.

The widely distributed agency for innovative technology in the field of wind turbine started the early efforts in the year 1920. This was the time when machines with batteries were first bought by farmers. US firms were the first ones to use a light weight three bladed wind turbine. Later the introduction of more wind turbines was seen which had a light weight with two blades.

The innovators in the US created a design which was based on engineering knowledge, studying problems based on theoretical study of aerodynamics and structural dynamics. USA was never able to develop the kind of extensive, ongoing, having faith in the relationship with the commercial wind turbine industry which can allow the business participants to shape the research agenda of the laboratory. Originally through the linear discovery model, the technical problems were being solved by creating and implanting engineering methodologies. The main purpose of many engineers was to make a design that would have changed features and working from the original ones. The idea of technology entrepreneurship acts upon an organized aspect for the working of actors. From the start, the managers at the department of energy thought that a light weight design with high end ...
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