Tata Nano

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Marketing Plan of Tata Nano

Marketing Plan of Tata Nano

Tata Motors

Tata Motors Limited is India's is one of the largest automobile companies. The company is earning revenues of approximately Rs.35651.48 crores (USD 8.8 billion). Tata is considered to be the leader in the market of commercial vehicles. The company is considered to be the top three in passenger vehicles. The company has diverse winning products including midsize cars and utility vehicles.

Tata Motors is the world's fourth largest manufacturer of truck. In addition, the company is the second largest manufacturer of truck. According to the Chairman of Tata Group, Ratan Naval Tata, the innovation of Nano is not only for the people of India but the overall transport sector. Tata Nano has been created to provide customers with a safe mode of transportation (Vandome et al, 2010, pp. 18).

Tata Nano

Tata Nano is one of the cheapest cars in the world. The country of origin of Tata Nano is India. In the home country, the car is sold at 1lakh rupees or $2000. The car has been manufactured by Tata Motor Limited. Tata Motor Limited is the largest automobile company in India. The Chairman of Tata, Mr. Ratan Tata, has envisioned Tata Nano to become a “People's car.” The car has been positioned as a people's car since it offers comfort and affordability to every person.

In India, Tata Nano was launched in 2009. The car proved to be very successful in India. The introduction of Tata Nano in the Indian market created a huge buzz all over the world. The sales of the car have been increasing after its introduction.

The purpose of marketing plan of Tata Nano is to promote the product to the target market in foreign countries. The promotional strategies of Tata Nano also strive to communicate the positioning of the product to customers. The first objective of the promotional campaign of Tata Nano is to increase brand awareness. Tata Nano also needs to increase customer awareness about the strength of Tata brand. These efforts would be helpful in differentiating the product from its competitors (Kotler, Pfoertsch & Michi, 2006, pp. 56).

Tata would measure the success of the marketing plan of Nano by considering different factors including revenue and expenditures of the company, and satisfaction of customers. The sales of Tata would also be monitored to gauge the success of its marketing plan.

The responsibility of the success implementation of marketing plan lies on the shoulders of marketing managers. The manager would delegate these responsibilities to the marketing team. The sales performance would be monitored and controlled by the sales manager.

Market Summary

The market of Tata Nano includes customers who own a motorcycle, and want to purchase their first car. A majority of customers of motorcycles do not possess a car. The customers of motorcycles in the market belong to the lower and middle-income group. This group of the population has the potential of buying affordable and comfortable cars. A majority of customers of Tata Nano include ...
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