Technology And Society

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Technology and Society

Technology and Society


Technology is continuously changing. These growing changes bring social and economical consequences on different aspects of our daily life. In the last decade, some of these changes were difficult to cope with. In the future, these changes will happen faster, with less time to prepare. Thus two aspects of this changing technology emerged that is “Positive and Negative impact” on the users. Our approach should be to avoid wrong choice otherwise our technology will destroy us. Automobiles provided quicker and convenient mode of transportation caused freedom from family bonds and mixing with different cultures and new communities. Television became source of entertainment, learning and information, virtual tour around the world sitting in TV lounge, with social impacts like family interaction, leisure time, aggressiveness, mixing up of different cultures and fashion. Household appliance spared time and people became able to indulge in other civic, social and entertainment activities. These things which were thought as luxuries have become necessities. The Internet and technology has influenced different aspects of society. It is important to understand what the consequences of the diffusion and high use of the Internet and technology are for people's lives.

Every day we are faced with a myriad of problems. The basis of all these can be found in the lack of communication. It is ironic that a medium created to foster relations is a major cause of the destruction of them. In this essay I will be discussing the topic of Internet and technology and technology addiction and its effects on society. My assumption is that Internet and technology addiction is increasing and this is due to improper use is being given the lack of personal control and this addiction is seen in all ages and especially in men. The family is greatly affected by the excessive use of it which easily becomes an addiction. The Internet and technology is a network of many computers interlinked with technology. In this way, we find the most current information at the time and it is best to have access to it from the comfort of our home. Through the Internet and technology, we can access the latest sources of knowledge. A definition of Internet and technology addiction summarizing all given different information from various sources would be: the uncontrolled use of the Internet and technology, which affects your life and your loved ones who are close to you.


How Technology is Affecting Our Society

For centuries people have been found psychologically or physically dependent on many behaviors and substances. This is not a mere interest, but consists of a pattern of use that can lead to a possible negative impact on performance, affecting marriage, relationships, work, economic and even legal status. Internet and technology is a tool that many advantages are attributed to education, commerce, entertainment and ultimately to the development of the individual. Virtual group participation allows us to interact with people with our own interests wherever they are located ...
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