Textual And Visual Portrayal Of Women Artists- Levina Teerlinc

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Textual and Visual Portrayal of Women Artists- Levina Teerlinc

Textual and Visual Portrayal of Women Artists- Levina Teerlinc


This research paper aims to present a textual and visual portrayal of women artists from various perspectives of arts. We will present a variety of textual interpretations from fictional to contemporary biography to historical scholarship in arts. The main idea of the paper is to assess how women artists are portrayed with respect to their works and position in the field of arts. In the same context, we will provide an account of Levina Teerlinc in order to provide a relation to her position in the broad spectrum of arts. The focus of the research paper will be on the thesis statement that will direct the entire research paper, placing emphasis on the main thematic review of women artists and their works.

Thesis Statement

There is little promise for women artists in a male-dominated world, where women are also unable to receive formal arts training and are only portrayed as an epitome of beauty and sexuality.

Textual Interpretations on Women Artists

The art of women was still considered inferior to the male art. The feminine art was necessarily "different". It contained signs that were not present in the male art. Why are the flowers of Georgia O'Keeffe would they be erotic and feminine, while those of Vincent Van Gogh triumph of the proper color? This is not to try to understand what is behind the paintings, to know the look of a woman on life, beauty, nature, desire and modernism.

Women artists have been very less visible in the history of modern art. In this regard, the life of Camille Claudel, misunderstood and not accepted, speaks for itself. The same is the case for Mrs. Yvonde, who directed the first color photographs in Europe in the 1930s. That's why the exhibition was mounted "Inside the Visible”, whose goal is to trace the genealogy of the woman artist in the 20th century, to study to what extent is the perceived difference between the sexes in this area, and the influence of cultural roles predetermined. It is possible to expose the history of the creation by women as it was written, or unwritten, as well as to overcome the opposition between man and woman by their artistic dialogue. I think it important to create a "dialogical universe", provided it is not neutral.


Fiction is an implementation of imaginary representations where one is aware of this imaginary character. It is used as an activity for "fun", for satisfaction it is likely to bring an end to the factual interpretations involving less creativity and interest. The representation of women also is associated with sex. Not only represented as objects of sexual desire, but as active participant. Breed medieval virgin came to the femme fatale. This is something that will pierce the field painting to reach new arts such as photography, with masters such as Man Ray. In this case, many fictional artistic representations involved the artists' creativity that revolved around playing with women bodies in an attempt to show-case ...
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