The Advent Of Technological Communication And Modern Travel

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The Advent of Technological Communication and Modern Travel

The Advent of Technological Communication and Modern Travel

Plan for the Essay

Essay plan is a critical writing which is all about gathering ideas and organizing them in a useful way which leads to the completion the essay. I am writing this essay plan because it is important and will help me focus the topic in the writing process.

Choosing the Topic

Many ideas were generated while doing brainstorming and the topic that I chose is The Advent of Technological Communication and Modern Travel. There are three main parts considered when writing an essay in introduction I have discussed a bit about background and history of the topic and in discussion part I have given the evidences, findings, problems faced by students and remedies to solve those problems. In conclusion I have given the overall conclusion.

The history tells us about the past happenings as it is analysed and seen that in past few years universities have started to offer cross cultural courses to the students because these courses will help them to work easily in new culture.

Evidences are very important because they support your arguments and in my essay examples and surveys on different universities are mentioned which says that it is important to educate students of engineering in relation to integrated cultures. Students are not being able to work effectively if they don't go for learning about the different cultures.

Modern travel and technological communication has increased the probability of engineers to work in the environment that consists of differ languages, customs and culture.

One question arises that whether these engineers are ready to work in those environments?

What problems will be faced by these engineers?

What remedies should be given so that they can work in these environments effectively and efficiently?

Attention should be given to prepare students to work in different environments different from their win culture.

Cellular understanding and motivational programs should be conducted to make them learn.


Communication is done either to share facts and figures or ideas or just to have fun. People's life has become easier because technology is there to help them. (Vandenberg he, 2003)

Communication is affected by modern technology in very positive way organization.

Throughout the past few 10s, Western universities have developed a greater sensitivity to non-western cultures. It has been seen that some universities requiring cross-cultural courses of all its undergraduate students. New insurgence of the study of non-western languages such as Chinese, Arabic, and even African languages such as Swahili has also been seen, and it is said that there is need to consider diversity in education. Recently some schools have started to appreciate the importance of contextual preparation of its students. And it is also said that it is very important for engineers to develop broader perspectives and teamwork entrepreneurial competencies, if they want to remain competitive in ever changing global workforce. One main thing which students of engineering should have that they must learn more about a wide ...
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