The American Revolution

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The American Revolution


Since America's sources, it has been destined for independence. It is hard to contend against the fact that the territory would finally shatter off from Britain and become independent, but the question is how it occurred when it did? There were a number of causes for America wanting to assertion self-reliance from Great Britain, whereas the main ideals that begun conflict were that American colonists liked equality to citizens in Britain and, for the most part, Britain looked down on the colonies and viewed America only as a good prospect for trade and their mercantilist Economy.

The American Revolution


The French and Indian conflict, known in Europe as the Seven Years conflict, provided England command over all land east of the Mississippi and all of the French territory. But it furthermore left England in a gigantic conflict debt. When they looked for ways to pay this liability, they mechanically looked to the colonies in America. But what Britain failed to recognize is that America would not tolerate levies, and directly after the levies were imposed, rebellion began to emerge. Britain made endeavors to restructure its American colonies beginning with The Currency Act(forbade paper money), The Sugar Act(end to triangular trade), the mark Act(funds for American defense), and other small taxes, which was intended with brutal rebellion, boycott of British items, and meetings with representatives to formally be against the new levies.

Britain met this rebellion not as a signalalal to succumb to the desires of the colonists, but rather as a signalalal to squeeze their contain on the colonies and gain back entire control. The rebel colonists glimpsed the levies as unrepresented and believed that by being taxed they were letting themselves become slaves of the British authority. The children of Liberty were an assembly of exceedingly rebellious Americans such as John Adams. After the Rebellion, the British domain proceeded to pass more regulations and levies, while the outlook of independence was beginning to gaze better and better.

Discussion and Analysis

The American transformation was not only the start of a new nation, but it furthermore altered the world eternally with its transformation ideals about government. By the Treaty of Paris in 1783, large Britain formally acknowledged the independence of the United States. This treaty deserving the new American Republic to all the land that Britain had won from France in the French and Indian War, which was all the land ...
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