History-American Revolution

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History-American Revolution

History-American Revolution


The American Revolution is the war between American colonies and Great Britain, which led to the formation of the United States of America. This revolution ended the British rule, prevailing since two centuries, for most of the North American colonies and has given rise to modern America (www.revolution.h-net.msu.edu/).

There were many causes that contributed in raging this war between American colonist and Britain. The main path of this revolution was led by the end of seven years war between France and Britain in 1763. In this war many American colonist fought for Britain, but over the next 13 years British government made different policies that estranged and infuriated the American colonist and made them crafted a different national identity slowly. In 1776, this distinction finally led to anti-British hostility which erupted into a war. Then over the next five years, the American forces with the support of France defeated British forces and forced them to recognize the sovereignty of the America in 1783 (Morton, 2003).


Until the end of seven years French and Indian War in 1763, only few British North Americans objected to their place in the Great Britain. This war changed everything and led to the foundation of the United States of America. In this war British eventually achieved the victory over France and its allies, but this victory came to them at huge cost. High debts occurred due to this war which influenced many British policies over the next decade. The government made different policies in an attempt to raise money by reforming colonial administration, troops were placed in America, and the taxes that were enforced all led them directly to the conflict with colonists (http://www.loc.gov).

Navigation Acts Into Taxation Laws

Due to the French and Indian War, the British government began to tax the ...
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