The Hemispheres Of The Brain Left Vs. Right

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The Hemispheres of the Brain Left vs. Right


The main purpose of this paper is to discuss the comparison between right and left hemispheres of the brain. Brain is considered to be the most vital part of a nervous system because it is consisted of 90% of neurons in the body. Brain is the most important part of the human body that tells us what to do or not. It also helps in imagining things and making the rationale decisions (Grady 76).

In a broad sense, the brain is the set of central nervous system elements contained in the skull. To increase the medical understanding about the brain power is that the underlying characteristics of the human being in this body are higher mental functions, speech and emotions.

Left & Right Hemispheres

Comparing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, we can say that they like each other, both right and left hands. One can also argue that the left hemisphere is unlike the right, just as right hand is, unlike the left. After all, despite the fact that the anatomical structure of our hands is identical, right hand can do much more (unless, of course, people are not left-handed) than the left, and functionally between them cannot put an equal sign. This applies to the cerebral hemispheres: uniform, it would seem, on the structure (in each hemisphere distinguish between occipital, parietal, temporal, and other interests), they have their own specific functions, their specialization, which suggests that, the functional asymmetry (Hart 900).

The left hemisphere of the brain is supposed to be the seat of the cold logic of verbal, dominant side, while the right hemisphere is supposed to be the side of imagination, emotion, consciousness of space but side repressed. Two personalities in one head somehow, as the Yin and Yang, the hero and villain. If there is dominancy in the left hemisphere, this means that the the person is analytically strong and he is more strong in mathematical calculations.

Thus, it was a vague satisfaction that several years ago, a natural brain scan revealed the true story of one of the biggest puzzles of neuroscience: what is really the difference between the two sides of the brain? Fortunately, or, unfortunately, depending on the theory that you love the most, beautiful picture revealed by this work has been far less idealistic theory is that, surprisingly complex and difficult to prove (Hillen 7).

The left brain, they felt, focuses on the details. What would make it the natural home of mental ability, helping us to react to the series of continuous fragmentary perceptions that we see as the ability to recognize the face of a friend in the crowd, or align words into a sentence. The right brain in turn, focuses on a broader, wider, and more general. This is a belief of reasearchers that it has panoramic view that enables people to make a strong concept of the connections; this hemisphere is a better overview of the representation of objects position and show the emotional ...
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