Understanding Of Communication Literature

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Understanding of Communication Literature

Understanding of Communication Literature



Communication plays a very important role at the individual, groups as well as the organisational level. The conflict that occurs because of a communication gap is highlighted with the title of Conflict of interest in a sports club.

Context of conflict

The conflict issues in a sport or a recreation club considered to be very important because of the everlasting and influential impact it can have on the organisation's ability to effectively and efficiently deliver the services. The reason for being faced with a conflict in the sports club is because the club comprises of number of members who belong to different cultures and thus have different values, motivation as well as other needs. It gives both to the development of a number of opportunities by the creation of new possibilities.

The conflict I would like to mention that I am in a position to observe as a member of the sports club relates to the conflict of interest among the members of the club as the club management is deciding to revise the policies of the club membership. In addition to it, the management is also proposing to increase the monthly membership charges that are not supported by rational claims. If the conflict is handled in an appropriate manner, it would not more be problematic, but in case of the conflict is not managed properly, the resultant will be the power struggle by the club members. The parties involved in this conflict include the club members and their families along with the sports club's management. The management of the club will be in a drastic situation as all its resources will be wasted on the suppression of the conflicts rather than on the deliverance of the quality services.

Factors that will influence the nature of communication in the conflict

Communication and conflict both are of the nature that makes them fundamental to the organisation. An interdependent relationship exists between the two as the conflict cannot happen without the conflicting providing an opportunity to broaden the conflict context. As people interact, they are more likely to come up with conflicts because of being close together and having their potential in the line of the achievement of the similar objective (Galbraith, 1977, pp. 21).

The factors that can influence the nature of communication in the context of under considered sports club conflict includes the ongoing discussions, the members' background characteristics as well as the external environment. In addition, the other factors are also a part of the communication such as the past experience, the motivation and aspirations of the club members. All these factors will have a considerable impact on the way the communication will be conducted affecting both the speaker and the listener. The nature of these characteristic is usually individual specific and are based on the cultural elements (Moemeka, pp. 9). These factors have the potential to affect the way the members will interpret and react to the content of communication thus giving birth to an inter-organisational or an ...
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