Verizon Wireless Succession Planning

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Verizon Wireless Succession Planning

Verizon Wireless Succession Planning


The formally known Bell Atlantic Mobile, now Verizon Wireless Inc., has captivated the industry by building the first wide area wireless broadband network and 3G networks world-wide and recognized in today's society. By establishing Verizon Wireless Inc. as a global leader, with over 210,878 employees in 2009, across the United States, corporate responsibility focuses on its philanthropic efforts in education, literacy, family safety and health. Along with being recognized as one of the global leading organizations, its subsidiary Vodaphone, consolidated revenues are totaling $107.8 billion across five continents and around 40 partner networks worldwide.

Aims & Motives

Verizon Wireless Inc. objectives consist of providing quality service, assess processes and procedures to ensure best quality, develop and design services and accessible to all users, provide services and market in accordance to Verizon Wireless Universal Design, and employ those principles company-wide with employees, consumers, shareholders and suppliers world-wide. Verizon has a large Human Resource team that is responsible for the development and integration of HR programs and associated projects to achieve strategic business goals and operational objectives throughout North America. Their mangers work to ensure policies, programs and practices and include metrics, recruitment, development, change management, corporate culture, and shared values. (Kaye, 1997)

Succession Planning

Succession Planning is vitally important to a company. These plans exist to identify key management positions that a company cannot afford to leave vacant. Successful planning involves a transition into these positions before the vacancy occurs, so that the individual can work alongside this successor and learn aspects of the position and the requisite knowledge that the person possesses. (Jeffery, 2001)

On October first, last year, Verizon Wireless promoted its Wireless President and CEO Lowell McAdam to president and chief operating officer of Verizon Communications, Inc. The appointment of McAdam was part of a Succession Plan by the Verizon Board of Directors. McAdam will be reporting directly to the Chairman and CEO, Ivan G. Seidenberg. This is an important step for Verizon. McAdam's promotion puts him in line to succeed Seidenberg, who is expected to retire by his 65th birthday in December of 2011. (Jeffery, 2001)

Putting these changes into effect aids in the process of facilitating transition without disrupting operations. According to Larry Babbio, a former president of Verizon Communication, Seidenberg has been planning his retirement for years. Six or eight years ago, Verizon's management chose a handful of potential successors and them that in roles that would illustrate their abilities. McAdam's work convinced Seidenberg that he was the right person to carry Verizon through the change. (Labovitz & Rosansky, 1997)

Current Workforce

Verizon Wireless Inc. current manpower and priority is empowering their employees. By captivating their employees and offering programs and packages are among the best in corporate America. By doing so, Verizon Wireless also depends on the skills, values and commitment from their employees. The commitment comes by inspiring a culture that offers challenging work, the opportunity to build important careers, and an environment that respects individuality and encourages different perspectives for individual ...
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