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Personal Statement for Web development course

Web development course

The use of technology in the access to information and transfer of the most important pillars that enable us to keep abreast of developments and progress in all areas, in addition to the impact on, saving time, effort and money, whether in the field of access to information or transferred or saved With the evolution of the concept and uses of information technology and the Internet, the world has become like a small global village.

I am from Greece, and I was always passionate about computing although my country is not that technologically advanced. I started using a computer since I was 6 years old and have been using internet since an early age. I believe that the internet is a great source of learning, and it is beneficial in various aspects. In the internet has helped me in solving various problems and it is an important tool of learning. I have always been attracted to the design and functioning of websites as they are used and many innovative ideas come into my mind. I believe that buy implementing these ideas I can be successful.

After High school, I attended a vocational training course in web development, and that is when all became clear in my mind and decided to move forward and learn more about this subject Since, I was fascinated by the designs of the website use the vocational training helped me in spending hours in learning coding languages HTML and CSS. I believe that my passion for designing and computing will be desirable for me to learn.

I am motivated for learning and implementing new ideas, and I believe that I am a quick learner. Since, I like to solve various problems, it will be a great help for me to learn these programming languages and websites creation. I believe that these programs will provide me a great help in learning. I have also worked a lot in presentations and developing ideas of presenting various topics and how they can be presented in an attractive way. I also enjoy designing around specifications, and I also experiment carrying out independent work and how they can be improved. I have also explored different websites and the type of designing they use for the content. I have an interest in accessing these websites and their use (Bowen, 2011).

The design of sites on the Internet ...
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