Work Ethic

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Work Ethic


A New Work Ethic, case defines the ethics in work of similar age group of workers having contempt for clients, unresponsiveness to worth and provision of facility, unrealistic outlooks regarding their work life. Further, the workers also have a get-away- with-what-you-can attitude. The Work Ethic case study describes as to how the archetypal approach that Sheehy, who is an HR manager in the city of Houston reports. The case after detail discussion explains the repercussions regarding the work ethic explaining the future of businesses in American. It also elucidates the reliance on the workers, exclusively in a consumer society towards job devoted, as well as their concern with excellence and consumer service. Other than this, A New Work Ethic case will enlighten the main reasons that lead to employee theft. In the end, the case conclusively describes the various ways in which capitalist's society culture inspires approaches such as those described by Sheehy.

Nature of Employee Attitude

The nature of employee attitude that Sheehy reports are very much shared between youngsters exclusively in the American society nowadays. The youth is of the belief that all things should be provided to them, and they do not have to work. These people are against any criticism, even if it is beneficial for them. Responsibilities are not at all taken seriously, and they are not in a frame of mind to work at all. These youngsters want the things there way (Verheyen, 1998).

Ethnicity of Work in the American Culture

The ethnicity of work in the American culture is declining very rapidly as the new generation is coming along. The people are, either not inculcating the values of work ethics, or they do not have any control on their children. It is due to this reason that the society is forgetting the fundamental values, and there is no work ethnicity left. On the other hand, there ...
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