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Assignment on Analysis

For students, writing an assignment on accounting is a challenge as it requires critical analysis of various concepts and given cases. Good quality research can help students meet such challenges. In this section of Researchomatic you will come across utile assignments on accounting that will help students to understand different theoretical concepts to perform critical analysis to derive informative conclusions.

Finance And Accounting
FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING Finance and Accounting Finance and Accounting UW's forecast accounts for the year ending 30th April 2012: Without changing stockholding policy or including May sales to China.   Apr-12 $000s Turnover 13,200 Cost of Sales 6,150 Indirect Expenses 3,000 Net Profit 4,050 Changing stockholding policy but excluding sales to China.   Apr-12 $000s Turnover 13,200 Cost of Sales 4,945 Indirect Expenses 3,000 Net Profit 5,255   Units (000s) Value (£000s) Per Unit Cost AVCO Opening stock 400 3000 7.5   Purchases:         May 200 2000 10   July 100 800 8   September 200 2000 10   December 100 900 9   March 300 2350 7.83 8.72 Closing stock 700 6105.56 8.72   Total 2000 4944.44 2.47   Without changing stockholding policy ...
Managing Financial Resources
MANAGING FINANCIAL RESOURCES Managing Financial Resources and Decisions Task One L.O 1.1 Identify and explain four sources of finance available to business BOATLINE business can avail financing through following sources: Internal source of financing Internal sources of financing, like cash drawn from a company's operating budget or capital income to fund a project ...
Analysis Of M&S Plc’s Annual Report
Analysis of M&S Plc's Annual Report To: Mrs Clarke From: Financial Advisor Analysis of M&S Plc's Annual Report Introduction This report will present an analysis of the annual report of Marks and Spencer Plc. Analysing the annual report helps the investors and stakeholders in knowing more about the company and its current position. The information ...
ASSIGNMENT Financial Accounting Assignment Financial Accounting Assignment Question 1 (A) Olympics Inc. Income Statement Year End 30 June 20X1     £ £ £   Sales 414,640 Less: Return Inwards 7,384   Net Sales 407,256     Less: Cost of Sales     Opening Stock 21,442     Purchases 192,552   Less: Return Outwards 19,596   Add: Carriage Outwards 21,300 194,256     Goods Available for Sales 215,698   Less: Closing Stock 23,004     Cost of Sales 192,694       Gross Profit 214,562 ...
Accounting Analysis
Accounting Analysis Accounting Analysis Forecasted Income Statement and Balance Sheet Income Statement Income Statement for the Forecasted Income Statement 2008 2009 Revenues 2000 3000 Cost of Goods Sold -850 -1275 Gross Margin 1150 1725 Depreciation Expense -150 -225 Other operating Expenses -450 -675 Operating profit 550 825 Interest Expense 120 -120 Income before Taxes 430 705 Income Taxes 120 -197 Net Income 310 508 Balance Sheet Balance Sheet as at 31-Dec-08 Forecasted Balance Sheet 31-Dec-09 Cash 540 1273 Other Current Assets 350 350 Plant Property and Equipment Net 1000 775 Total Assets 1890 2398 Accounts Payable 100 100 Loans Payable 1000 1000 Common Stock 100 100 Retained Earnings 690 1198 Total Liabilities and ...
Caustic Soda Solutions
CAUSTIC SODA SOLUTIONS Caustic Soda Solutions Case Study Caustic Soda Solutions Case Study Part 1: Caustic Soda Solutions Introduction In case, the problem associated to the cost reduction. The company general manager, Mr Smith believes that it would be cheaper for the company to purchase or outsource supplies from the Storm Containers rather ...
Accounting And Analysis
Accounting And Analysis Accounting And Analysis Introduction Accounting is not just concerned with book keeping and record retention by people who are good with numbers. According to AAAHQ, accounting is defined as, “the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information to permit informed judgments and decisions by users of the information.” (American ...
Business Plan
Business Plan Business Plan Question 1 This business plan is an analysis of the feasibility of a business plan that is commissioning of a room - room NUS - for cultural shows, primarily works theater and concert in the city of Detroit. These activities will be complemented by other business lines such as ...
ACCOUNTING Nichols and Diageo Nichols and Diageo Requirement 1 We are assessing the financial statement of two companies for the financial period of 2010 (year ended on 30th June) Diageo and Nichols Plc financial reporting period of 2010 (year ended on 31st December). Requirement 2 Diageo The financial statements are prepared on a going ...
Case Analysis: Toddler Treasures, Inc.
Case Analysis: Toddler Treasures, Inc. Case Analysis: Toddler Treasures, Inc. Introduction The case is about toddler treasure's management accounting techniques. The firm has transformed from a cottage industry to a fully functioning manufacturing firm. The case required to determine the rate (price) and efficiency (quantity) variance for materials as well as labor ...
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