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Business Plan

Business Plan

Question 1

This business plan is an analysis of the feasibility of a business plan that is commissioning of a room - room NUS - for cultural shows, primarily works theater and concert in the city of Detroit. These activities will be complemented by other business lines such as the exploitation of one bar within the enclosure, the organization and development of courses related to the interpretation and room rental for various events, book presentations, cultural performances, dance and the sale of merchandise, literary works, CD, t-shirts, books etc. In addition the company will seek sponsorships and advertising for the site and its activities contribute a small percentage of total sales and manage public aid for such premises and activities regularly convened the various administrations, local, provincial and regional governments.

Project promoters are Roger Moore (42 years) and Brad Wilson (36). Both carry more than ten years working in the field of performing arts in theater companies. Four years ago they founded their own Theatre company and now want to go a step further by managing its own theater and concerts. Roger Moore has worked for 19 years in various theater companies, first

as an actor and later as a writer and director of more than 14 theater projects many of which have been released in different parts of Spain. Brad has been trained at the School of Theatre and Dance in Detroit fabric for four years, and has conducted numerous specialized courses, management puppets and masks during cabaret, street theater and clown. This project responds to the growing need to professionalize the cultural sector, and with- Specifically the essences of the arts and music.

Business Activity

The room shall open a space for leisure and culture with a maximum capacity of 500 people in music concerts and an average capacity for 275 spectators the theater. There will be a semester program offering a wide range of activities covering the entire weekend of the year and many Wednesdays and Thursdays. The search for specificity in the type of performance and concert, as well as maintain a Middle-class quality and in tune with viewers and theatergoers will be necessary to compete with the public offering, which typically has lower prices in the market or direct access. In the room NUS will provide the following services, which will turn into sources of revenue:

• Theatre for adults and children

• Concerts

• Training theatrical

• Room rental

• Bar

• Other income

Question 2

To start off with, GAAP are the generally accepted accounting principles which are primarily used by companies based in the United States or traded on Wall Street as a measure of their accounting procedures. They cover a massive volume of standards, interpretations, opinions and newsletters and are prepared by the FASB (Directory of Financial Accounting Standards), the accounting profession AICPA and the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). The GAAP are a combination of standards and regulatory organizations authorized by accepted ways of bringing accounting.

GAAP standards are the American equivalent of the International Financial Reporting ...
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