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Assignment on Accounting

Accounting forms the backbone of all business operations and refers to the analysis and reporting of all financial transactions. Despite being a speciality subject, the field makes use of concepts from other domains as well. Writing a good accounting assignment is therefore a difficult task which requires stringent research. In order to meet these research needs, Researchomatic has provided a section dedicated to accounting assignments.

Project Evaluation
PROJECT EVALUATION Project Evaluation Project Evaluation Question 1 Calculate the initial investment, operating cash flows and the terminal cash flows for both Plant A and Plant B. Show all calculations. Initial Investment The investment to start a project, which includes all costs that have to be incurred in order to bring the project into ...
Case Study
CASE STUDY Case study Case study- SolvGen Inc. Overview of the Company SolvGen Inc - a pharmaceutical development company that has been involved in research & instruments systems. The main operation of SolvGen Inc comprises of research and launching of instruments systems, and for them to recognize revenue, milestone method is perfectly ...
Aurora Health Care Fund Management
AURORA HEALTH CARE FUND MANAGEMENT Aurora Health Care Fund Management Aurora Health Care Fund Management Introduction Aurora health care fund comprises of 11 types of different investment funds. The 21-year-old fund, which provides preferred-provider organization coverage to 660 employees, has seen a shrinking customer base in recent years as workers switch to lower ...
Social Accounting
SOCIAL ACCOUNTING Social Accounting Social accounting Introduction Social accounting (also known as corporate social reporting, sustainability accounting or environmental or social accounting) is the process of sharing and communicating the environmental and social affects Company's economic activities towards the society at the macro level or to a particular interest group within society. Concept ...
Financing The Business
FINANCING THE BUSINESS Financing the Business Financing the Business Task 1 Debt financing and equity financing are the two major types of financing for a business. Debt financing is a type of financing facility, in which a company obtains loan from a bank or any other financial institution (Davey & John, 1982, ...
Audit Committee Responsibilites
AUDIT COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITES Audit Committee Responsibilities Audit Committee Responsibilities Microsoft Audit committee Q. What are the committee's responsibilities related to financial and business risks? The Audit Committee at Microsoft operates under the charter of Board of governors. The Audit committee reviews the report from quarter by quarter. Apart from this Audit Committee is ...
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation Performance Evaluation Introductions When we talk about performance assessment, it is a systematic process and periodic quantitative and qualitative estimation of degree of effectiveness, with which people carry out activities which are their responsibilities developed through their position. The procedure for assessing the human resource is commonly known as ...
Solution To Accounting Problem
SOLUTION TO ACCOUNTING PROBLEM Solution to Accounting Problem Solution to Accounting Problem Case # 1 Full integration is most recent PC or Mac computers. Direct integration to online music services for immediate product distribution. 3 year manufacturer's warranty 4 year extended warranty option. No charge installation or training. Initial Cost: $ 3,280,000. ...
Wisel Plc
WISEL PLC Wisel Plc Wisel Plc According to official statistics, in recent years there has been some slowdown in development of the furniture industry. However, these data do not provide a complete picture of what is happening in the furniture market. By our estimates, the UKStatistics Committee Reports in terms of production of ...
ACCOUNTING Lee Corporation Equity PART 01     Lee Corporation   Statement of Changes in Stockholders' Equity   For the year ended December 31, 2007         Common Stock Additional Paid-in Capital Treasury Stock Retained Earnings Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Total Stockholders' Equity Balance, January 1, 2007 $500,000.00 $ 1,000,000.00 $ (200,000.00) $ 225,000.00 $ 1,525,000.00 Prior period adjustments:   Correction for depreciation error (net) $ (15,000.00) $ ...
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