Alcohol And Drug Abuse

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Alcohol and Drug abuse

Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Alcohol and drug abuse is primarily a disease which is characterized by the person who is suffering from the alcohol and the drug abuse who drinks daily. In the face of its negative effects on the work of an individual legal, educational, medical and the social life. There are number of peoples who are suffered by the alcohol and drug abuse and Million of people who die because of alcohol and the drug abuse and many mental disorders which remain untreated and undiagnosed. The ratio of drug consumption of men is more than a women. On the basis of recent research there is 12.7 average episodes of drug drinking per year while 2.7 episodes for women per year. Health related and psychological factors which are related with the aging is mostly because of alcohol and the drug abuse. According to research which is done by different psychologists and different physicians it is suggested that to improve the situation there is need to continue the research. Improvement of the education of physician and there should be the major focus on the care of the disorders which is organized by the medicine.

Sign and symptoms

Alcohol and drug abuse causes many issues due to which person may die and there are number of health related issued which are caused by the alcohol and drugs. Almost every part of the body organs can be negatively affected by the use of the drugs and alcohols. It might cause cancers like oral cavity cancers and pharyngeal cancers, liver diseases, brain damage and heart attacks. Because of the fact that many people who are addicted to the use of drugs also smoke which may cause other health related problems. Other signs of alcohol includes smelling of the alcohol during an individual's breathing bloodshot eyes, skin will be glazed, or the person might be argumentative, blood shot eyes, decomposition of a person and the appearance of hygienic. The factors which are related with the risk includes the depression, mood proble,, anxiety, low confidence on him or herself or the low self esteem, aggressive behavior and also may be having the parents with the alcoholism.

There are different articles which are based on the use of alcohol and drug abuse. These articles includes the sign and symptoms of alcohol and drug abuse and also the different problems caused by the drugs and alcohol addiction.


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