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Research Papers on Nursing

Nursing is a complex science which combines care-taker skills with that of health care and scientific knowledge. The field, given its nature is based on high skill level attainment and theory guided practice. Researchomatic provides a range of nursing research papers which not only define nursing but also help users to explore this highly demanding healthcare profession. These research papers on nursing rely on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and researches.

Running Header: Aortic Stenosis aortic Stenosis
Running Header: AORTIC STENOSIS Aortic stenosis Aortic stenosis Introduction This paper aims to discuss Aortic stenosis which is a heart disease. Typically, aortic stenosis seen in adults, but can occur in children. Children with aortic stenosis observed the same symptoms as adults. Discussion Aortic stenosis of the aortic valve - is heart disease, which is marked ...
Evidence Based Tools For Post Partum Depression
Evidence Based Tools for Post Partum Depression Evidence Based Tools for Post Partum Depression Introduction With increasing popularity of evidence based knowledge and screening tools, it is becomes important for the field of nursing and medicine to gradually move away from the tendency of depending upon cares reports or opinions of medical experts. ...
Collaboration Between Nurse And Physicians
Collaboration between Nurse and Physicians Collaboration between Nurse and Physicians Good cooperation between doctors and nurses is of great importance for quality care. Communication or information exchange is very important between Nurses and Physicians. However, it is important to assess the pros and corns of this relationship, before stressing its ...
Healthcare Abstract This research paper represents the community health needs assessment part A in which, target population and, attitude of people is mentioned. In part B of the assessment, several surveys such as Windscreen surveys and Demographics are mentioned in order to clearly analyze the situation of the small community. The paper ...
Nursing Residencies
Nursing Residencies Nursing Residencies Introduction A nursing residency program provides a changeover from a new graduate nurse of nursing school to a professional nursing. Residencies are structured, systematic and well designed in order to meet the requirements of a new graduate. Many hospitals need new graduates to be qualified before they start ...
The Neurological Effect Of Stress
The Neurological Effect of Stress The Neurological Effect of Stress Abstract Stress is a state that distorts an individual's physical and emotional condition, such as being overburdened with work that results in someone getting overtired or being drawn into an argument with a fellow worker that leads to anger. Three stages of stress ...
Managing Conflict
Managing Conflict Managing Conflict Introduction Conflict is inevitable. It is a normal way of life. How we as individuals perceive each other depends on our ability to effectively resolve problems and how we cope with managing change. Some of us are unable to adapt to change therefore, it is expected that conflict will ...
Search Engine Comparison
SEARCH ENGINE COMPARISON Comparing and Contrasting Google and CompletePlanet Comparing and Contrasting Google and CompletePlanet Introduction The following discussion compares and contrasts the search engine operations of Google and CompletePlanet by using the terms Nursing Homes and Personal Care Facilities. The performance of the comparison based on these search terms revealed that Google is ...
Capstone Project
Capstone Project Introduction to Report The emphasis of the research would be to analyze the impact of HPV on community; the research would have a brief outline about the topics that are relevant to health issues in a community. An annotated bibliography will also be presented that will brief about the ...
Compassion Fatigue
Compassion Fatigue Abstract This study deals with defining the term compassion fatigue and differentiate it with other related terms. It is mainly associated with the problems of compassion fatigue and the problems that result due to the issues related with the loss of feeling of compassion and care and result in ...
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