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Research Papers on Architecture

For one to become an architect, writing arts architecture research papers is very important. An intellect of an architect can be observed by the quality of his arts architecture research papers. The huge database of Researchomatic will not only help students to write great research papers but will also help in broadening their knowledge horizon on different aspects of architecture.

National Building Museum
National Building Museum National Building Museum Introduction This research paper is based on National Building Museum which stands today as one of the great American buildings of the nineteenth century and one of Washington, D.C.'s. The National Building Museum is a museum in downtown Washington, DC, United States to examine the ...
Libyan Architecture
LIBYAN ARCHITECTURE The Political Influences in the Libya's Architecture through history Abstract The research focuses on the Political influences in the Libya's Architecture through history. The politicians of different era's impact on the Libyans economically and socially and adopted different strategies to get control over them which is represented in the buildings ...
How The Hotness Of Chinese Style Of Architectures In 18th Century In Europe Form Pangoda In Paris
How the hotness of Chinese style of architectures in 18th century in Europe form PANGODA in Paris Ancient Chinese architecture is a miniature of the long-standing history and culture of China. It is obviously characterized by the region, nationality and times. Ancient Chinese architecture, which has distinctive features in single building, ...
Influence Of Chinese Pagoda On European Architecture
Influence of Chinese Pagoda on European Architecture The Chinese Empire, comprising China proper, Tibet, and Mongolia, covers a larger area than the whole of Europe. It is for the most part mountainous, but has four great trading rivers which facilitate internal commerce, while there is a network of canals for irrigation ...
Plymouth Congregational Church
Plymouth Congregational Church Introduction Plymouth Congregational Church is critical for its affiliation with the early improvement of Coconut Grove. In addition, the church is a remarkable case of Spanish Mission style construction modeling and is especially huge for the brilliance of its outline, parts, materials, and craftsmanship. Composed in 1897, Plymouth Congregational ...
Green Building Movement
Green Building Movement Green Building Movement Introduction The term "green building" refers to buildings in which the concept of planning and redevelopment based to disassembly on environmentally friendly strategies. Low energy buildings, solar homes, passive and zero energy houses fall under the concept of green building (Melaver, 2009). The benefits of the "green building" are obvious, ...
Architectural Functionalism
ARCHITECTURAL FUNCTIONALISM Architectural Functionalism Architectural Functionalism Introduction In architecture the term functionalism refers to the basic architecture principle which is used by architects to design or build a structure in accordance with the purpose of that structure. This definition of the functionalism has been a cause of confusion and controversy within this discipline; ...
Career In Architecture
Career in Architecture Table of Contents Introduction1 Discussion2 Training and education requirements2 Job requirements2 Employment Opportunities3 Working Conditions3 Math courses to be studied4 Importance of Mathematics in Architecture4 Conclusion4 References5 Architecture as a Profession Introduction When somebody asks a kid that what do they want to become when they grow up, the answers received are that they want to be a doctor, a police ...
Recycling Of Construction Wastes: New Technology And Its Implementation
Recycling of Construction Wastes: New Technology and its Implementation Recycling of Construction Wastes: New Technology and its Implementation Abstract Construction waste is referred to as the waste, produced by the process of construction, renovation or remodeling of the building. There are many materials that fall into the category of the waste are ...
The World's Longest Bridge - Quindao Haiwan Bridge
The World's Longest Bridge - Quindao Haiwan Bridge The World's Longest Bridge - Quindao Haiwan Bridge Introduction The construction and inauguration of the world's largest infrastructure reflects the growing emergence and economic prowess of the Chinese nation on the world map. It should be noted that the Chinese nation is already holding the ...
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