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Assignment on Paintings

Arts painting assignments are required every now and then by students in the field of arts and paintings. Sometimes the students do not have time to research and make good assignments. For such cases this section of Researchomatic is the best place. This section has huge database of the finest research material from even the earliest history of arts and paintings, which the students can use to make spectacular arts painting assignments.

Madonna And Child By Duccio Di Buoninsegna
Madonna and Child by Duccio di Buoninsegna Historical Context The artwork was painted by Duccio di Buoninsegna one of the renowned artists of the time of 13th and 14th Century. The ancient stature is amongst the most antique pieces, which have been developed over the period. The subject nature of this antique ...
Roy Lichtenstein - Post Impressionist Painter
Roy Lichtenstein - Post Impressionist Painter Introduction Post impressionist painters were influenced with the concept of Impressionism, however these painters did not accept their constraints and they embarked in their own style of art that was based on emotions more than the work of impressionist. One of the names out of the ...
Comparison Among Art Work
Comparison among Art Work Comparison among Art Work Tintoretto's The Last Supper with Leonardo's Last Supper The artistic style changes with the passage of time and this has been witnessed numerous times throughout the history of the art. To give proper understanding, changing artistic styles witnessed in the painting Last Supper by Leonardo ...
Art As A Vehicle For Propaganda
Art as a Vehicle for Propaganda Art as a Vehicle for Propaganda Introduction Art is a thing that is used as a hobby for many people. Basically, art is a strong medium to express anything. By the help of art common visual language is shared and expanded. When innovative visual ideas are come ...
Painting Techniques
PAINTING TECHNIQUES Development of Painting Techniques in Western Europe Development of Painting Techniques in Western Europe Introduction The following paper basically deals with the history of the paintings in the Western Europe from 1300. The paper gave a deep insight to all the readers who have their interest in paintings because the paper ...
Handel Evans
Handel Evans Handel Evans The School of Art Museum of Aberystwyth University is home to a vast collection of ceramic arts. It houses art works that easily exceed 20,000 items that range from decorative fine art to photographs, prints, drawings, ceramics, watercolors, sculpture, artifacts and paintings. The university has also established its ...
Man With A Red Turban
Man with a Red Turban Man with a Red Turban Portrait can be defined as the picture painted by someone that represents a particular individual, someone artist may have met in his life or someone he dreams of. It does not only signify the feature of someone, but it does ...
Arts And Pianting
ARTS AND PIANTING [Name of the Author] [Name of the Institute] Arts and Painting Gerald is blessed with the most creative brain. He is not only a writer but nature has given him the ability to think beyond the picture. He is also regarded as the best filmmaker award. He was expert in writing ...
Lorna And Jane By Janet Fish
Lorna and Jane by Janet Fish Lorna and Jane by Janet Fish Lorna and Jane I chose the artwork “Lorna and Jane” painted by the American painter Janet fish in 2006. The work, sized at 60” x 70” was executed in oil on canvas and many various objects are painted such as fruit, ...
Suzan Bushnaq
Suzan Bushnaq Suzan Bushnaq Introduction Suzan Bushnaq is an artist who tends to extract her roots form the land of Kuwait. She in her short span of life has served not only Kuwait but people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. She is known to have great sympathy for the women as her ...
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