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[Name of the institute]Autobiography

“You cannot free a bird if it is not going to fly; you cannot live a life if you do not ask why”

It is this adage that has enthused in me the true fervour and ultimate desire to do something meaningful in my life. Dwindling, cheerful, dubious, learning, progressing and honest are the words that can depict the true nature of the journey of my life. My life is a tale the some part of which is written by me and some crucial points are decided by destiny. There are also events that I and my destiny mutually decided to include in this intriguing tale of mine that is named as life.

The journey of everyone's life starts with the most cheerful phase of life that is childhood. My parents have been divorced but, they did not leave any room in my upbringing and provided me a wholesome and nurturing environment. My mother was eagerly involved in my studies. She had faith in me that I am a strong and a smart individual. She had an idea that I face difficulties in Maths and Science subjects. So, she engaged me in the resource centre of my school where I learned tactics and schemes to better learn in the classroom and to catch up with my peers. While I was in school, I used to take part in sports activities. Playing all the games like hockey, volleyball, badminton and golf was my favourite thing to do. Being associated with sports has taught me a number of qualities that are counted as indispensible traits in today's era. Badminton taught me to be competitive, Golf taught me how to work alone, hockey and volleyball taught me how to be an integral part of a team. By participating in these games, I learned the skills to cope with the winning and losing situations.

My teachers instilled in me the sense that extreme indulgence in sports and extracurricular activities are not the only sources to obtain success but, one can also have the taste of success by excelling and performing well in subjects, courses and in academic life as this allows an individual to broaden the spectrum and horizon of intellectualism and by imparting essential skills on others that we treasure. By inspiring from the advices of my instructors I became keen and interested in my studies. But, my passion for sports can never be snatched away from me. So, in order to stay in touch with sports I decided to help other hockey players to improve their game. In this lure, I ran many hockey camps for kids.

As it is mentioned previously that there are some parts of my life that are written by destiny and there are some parts that I chose myself. It is the destiny that led me to apply for the volunteer fire fighting program. When I was nineteen years old, I applied to be a volunteer fire fighter at the East St. Paul's fire department that is ...
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