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Assignment on Biology

Biology is considered as the largest branch of science. There are some main sub disciplines of biology that are: botany, zoology, and microbiology. Students, who study biology, at any level are often required to submit assignments on biology. With respect to such a broader field, Researchomatic ifs offering you thousands of topics related to biology assignments. Students can easily access to biology assignments and can get help in completing their own biology assignment.

Cell Practical
CELL PRACTICAL Cell Practical Cell Practical 2.2 Diagram A: Circulatory System The circulatory system refers to a system of organs which transfers the hormones, nutrients (such as electrolytes, amino acids, and lymph), blood cells, gases, etc. from and to the cells across the body so that it is able to stabilize pH and body ...
Scientific Paper Review
Scientific Paper Review Scientific Paper Review The 5-HT2C receptor interacts with many intracellular proteins in addition to G proteins and ß-arrestins. To date, the 5-HT2C receptor is certainly the GPCR for which interacting proteins have been the most extensively characterized by mean of proteomic approaches This paper biochemically characterized the interaction ...
Aquatic Ecosystem
Aquatic Ecosystem Title Constructing an Ecosystem Containing Biotic and Abiotic Components in a Jar That Is Stable and Self-Sustaining Without any Biotic Dying Abstract A self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem is assembled inside a glass jar. Plants and other living organisms such as snail and mayfly as decomposers and consumers are put inside to bring ...
Exercise And Body
EXERCISE AND BODY Exercise and Body Exercise and Body Introduction The physiology of exercise is a broad concept that addresses the central issue as to how the body adapts itself to the demands of physical activity. Physiology is the academic study of the various processes, systems, and functions of the human body as ...
Article Summary
ARTICLE SUMMARY Gender Identity Disorder The Gender Identity Disorder Grassotti. R (2011), The Gender Identity Disorder. E-psychology. online journal of psychology and sexology. The article is about gender identity disorder, written by Robert Grassotti last year. She emphasized the gender identity disorder in her article whose summary is presented in this paper. The gender ...
Nervous And Endocrine Systems
NERVOUS AND ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS Nervous System and the Endocrine Systems Nervous System and the Endocrine Systems Nervous System Introduction System of nerves is the most unknown and complete system of all body of human, with the Endocrine System, it functions to monitor the human body. Nerves are capable of receiving and integrating a lot of ...
Structure And Function Of Eye And Ear
STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF EYE AND EAR Structure and Function of Eye and Ear Structure and Function of Eye and Ear Structure and Functions of the Eye The human eye works very similar to that of most vertebrates and some mollusks; call lens has a lens that is adjustable according to ...
Food Tests And Digestive Enzyme Practical
FOOD TESTS AND DIGESTIVE ENZYME PRACTICAL Nutrition Practical: Food Tests and Digestive Enzyme Practical Nutrition Practical: Food Tests and Digestive Enzyme Practical Introduction Humans need to consume food compounds such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins to meet their energy requirements. In this lab, reagents were used as indicators to test common ...
BIOLOGY Identification of a starfish egg PLC-g Identification of a starfish egg PLC-g Introduction At fertilization, eggs undergo a cytoplasmic free Ca2+ rise, which is necessary for stimulating embryogenesis. In starfish eggs, studies using inhibitors designed against vertebrate proteins have shown that this Ca2+ rise requires an egg Src family kinase (SFK) ...
Body Systems
Body Systems Digestive System Digestive system provides the digestion and assimilation of food and drink, performs functions that is nutritious. It is a set of processes that allow the breakdown of food substances introduced into conveyable from the blood and used by the cells in different tissues (Heresbach, et al., 2009). Oral Cavity ...
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