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Assignment on Biology

Biology is considered as the largest branch of science. There are some main sub disciplines of biology that are: botany, zoology, and microbiology. Students, who study biology, at any level are often required to submit assignments on biology. With respect to such a broader field, Researchomatic ifs offering you thousands of topics related to biology assignments. Students can easily access to biology assignments and can get help in completing their own biology assignment.

Annotative Bibliography
ANNOTATIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY Annotative Bibliography: Immune Response to Bacterial Resistance Annotative Bibliography: Immune Response to Bacterial Resistance Article 1: Tuberculosis Vaccine Research: The Impact of Immunology Tuberculosis is an infectious disease transmissible and non-immunizing, with clinical variables. It is a very contagious infection of the lungs and spreads towards other organs as well. It is ...
LEPTIN Leptin and its role in human glucose and lipid metabolism Table of content Introduction1 Strucutre2 Adipose tissues3 Discussion3 Discovery3 How Leptin works4 Adiposity signal5 Deficiency of Leptin5 Leptin and its role in human glucose and lipid metabolism6 Literature review7 Leptin and Diabetes9 Conclusion9 Appendix14 Leptin and Its Role in Human Glucose and Lipid Metabolism Introduction With the recent advances in medical research a number of new hormones ...
ASSIGNMENT Biology - Assignment [Writer's Initials] Assignment SECTION - C Describe the process of nucleotide excision repair in E. coil. Why are bacteria with mutation in the enzymes involved in this pathway so sensitive to UV light? In the NER which is the short form for Nucleotide Excision Repair, within a string of nucleotide, the ...
Biological Psychology
Biological Psychology Biological Psychology Introduction Biological psychology deals with the study of the physiological origins of behaviour. The relationship between the psychological procedures and the physiological happenings that underlie is the primary concern of biological psychology. It is also known as the “Mind and Body Relationship”. The research psychologists are the experimental ...
Rye Harbour Nature Reserve
Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Introduction The Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is a village along the coast of East Sussex in England. It was established in 1970 and about 200,000 visitors visit this site each year. It is home to about 3300 species of which 150 are classified as ...
Stem Cell Research Ethical Dilemmas
Stem Cell Research Ethical dilemmas Stem Cell Research Ethical dilemmas Introduction Embryonic stem cells offer hope of new therapies, but their use has been hotly debated. Different countries have chosen to regulate the use of embryonic stem cells in very different ways. The topic of embryonic stem cell divides even today ...
Drinking Water And Sanitation
Drinking Water and Sanitation Drinking water and sanitation Abstract Basic sanitation and drinking water which is clean and healthy are the key elements of the U.N initiative, millennium development goals. 70% of the body of humans is composed of water; water is a person's requirement for daily basis such as bath, and water ...
The Skeletal System
THE SKELETAL SYSTEM THE SKELETAL SYSTEM THE SKELETAL SYSTEM 1.1 Draw and label a diagram of the bones of the interior and posterior skeleton. Explain the difference between he the axial and appendicular skeletons Human skeleton consists of both individual and fused bones, which are supplemented and supported by tendons, cartilage, muscles, and ...
Stem Cell Steak
STEM CELL STEAK Stem Cell Steak: Growing Your Own Meat Stem Cell Steak: Growing Your Own Meat Introduction The stem cell is a extraordinary and unique kind of cell that can duplicate itself many times and can divide into a score of specific cell types, such as muscle cells - which can in ...
Obesity Obesity Introduction Obesity is one of an essential as well as critical term that comprises of a meaningful importance in children lifestyle and standard of living. Childhood obesity is termed as an excessive amount of body fat that results in numerous alarming outcomes. Tension, lack of confidence, physical and mental illness ...
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