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Business Leadership


This paper intends to answer two basic questions that relates to the world of commerce. The author of 'The World is flat' suggests that the globe has become a playing ground where every participant possesses equal opportunity to become successful in terms of business. Many other writers have argued for and against the flat world analogy since the publication of Friedman's ideas. The key characteristics of the global context will be provided in the paper. Moreover, the impact of global context influence on the successful global leadership will also be explored within this paper. The purpose of this paper is to reflect my ideas about the world as being flat, spiked, clustered or something else entirely.


There is no best model identified for the purpose of describing the economic world and its underlying conditions. However, various authors have argued that economic world is flat and others have argued that economic world is extremely clustered and rough. I believe 'change' is the most permanent thing that is experienced by the economic world. Businesses tend to originate and work on the successful capabilities of leadership. Art of leadership create the pathways for the success of businesses.

Key Characteristics of the Global Context

Globalization has emerged as one of the most important facets of the growing world and economy. Similarly, with the growth of globalization, trade liberalization has also become extremely important phenomena which are constantly changing the business and economic world over past few years. Countries tend to utilize various forms of protection like tariffs and making their domestic industries competitive for the purpose of maintaining their economic situation sound in comparison with other countries around the world. However, the global context has been contributing positively and negatively both towards the economic situation of the world (Ahmad, 2008 Pp. 1-4).

The basic characteristics of the global context revolve around the strengthening the business confidence and providing immense opportunities to the businessmen to grow their operations worldwide. Other features of global context in relation with the economy are quite negative like increasing fiscal deficits and mounting inflation are assumed to be negative aspects of globalization. Trade barriers remain the most significant feature of the global context for the purpose of supporting the domestic industries and increasing productivity for operating beyond the geographical boundaries. For instance, the worldwide fashion doll segment has emerged to be one of the most significant globalized businesses. Mattel has lost ...
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