Changes In The Information Systems Use

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Changes in the Information Systems Use

Changes in the Information Systems Use


The technological advancement has reshaped the style of living over the past few years (Longford, 2006). Due to the development of latest technologies, there have been many changes occurred in the usage of information. This essay discusses the impact of advanced technologies on the use of information. Examples from different areas of life are described, including the use of information by simple home appliances, by banks, by business organizations for their personal use and for internet marketing, and by the universities for performing various activities. Also, this essay discusses that how the online learning processes have changed the information usages.

Impact of Technology on Information Use

As we look around, we find the technology everywhere. Our daily life is highly impacted by the advance technologies, whether at school, home, offices or industries. Various advanced home appliances make use of the information in a way, which were not even thought of some years before. In the following, we discuss some examples in which have changed the ways of information usage.

Home Appliances

The simple and low cost electronic appliances such as coffee makers and water heaters have transformed the style of daily living and information usage. The user just need to provide information to these appliances in the form of input, and the appliance performs the required functions in no time. The users can very easily set up the coffee maker in the night before sleeping, so that in the morning they do not have to wait for preparing the coffee. Similarly by using an automatic temperature adjustment, people conveniently set up the temperature of their room's A/C.


The banks are now facilitating the customers in the best possible way with the use of advanced information and communication technologies (Berger, 2003). Earlier the banks' use of information was limited to the physical debit, credit and funds transfer activities. However, now the world of banking has changed. We can enjoy all the banking facilities sitting at our homes, by using the technologies of phone and internet banking. Customers can be aware of all their account details without the need of visiting the banks. Also, using the online banking facilities, it has become very simple to pay for services, such as utility bills or the online shopping.

Business Corporate

Information is the key resource of business corporate, as it relies on the information for the execution of all business process. Over the past few decades, majority of the business corporate have started deploying information technology for efficient storage and management of their business information. The advanced tools of technology benefit the business world by providing effective means of information management

Today, majority of the business organizations rely heavily on the internet for all of the major business processes (Jun M., 2012). These business processes include electronic marketing, buying/selling activities, forming alliances with other companies, providing remote access facilities to the home based and out of city employees, and many more. The internet has undoubtedly, opened the new doors of ...
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